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    Hi ya’ll…

    I’m working for a small company, where my boss has bullied me for years, not as much verbally, but more like giving me no pay-raises , letting me work over time etc
    He’s almost 20 yrs older than me and he would be very controlling over me, and i believe had a crush on me , but got rejected and things got worse from there…somehow i was lucky and pretty much escaped (took off) from the office (he tried to fire me, but somehow let me work remotely) – i like my job, but the situation with this boss scares me alot … he’s trying everything to get me back to the office, but i’m living in a different country now and work remotely for the company…he’s also asking me for constant catch-up calls and if i wanna come and meet him in the summer – this makes me terrified …i did everything to get away and i dont wanna go back. He won’t believe any excuses, if i say, i cant come in summer etc … or i have other plans?

    Any input… please help.


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    Are you really this weak? Get another job and quit. Seriously. Or don’t and just say you are not available for a meeting. And learn to take care it yourself, which is your responsibility. No one else’s.

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    Report him to HR

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    There’s no HR – he’s the founder of it all. If i say “not available for a meeting.” he will say what other time works? He will always find a way to get thru his will – im fearing all calls from him etc – it’s like horrible feeling to have, whne you have to work closely to someone and whos your boss, and on top of that somone who cannot take rejection.

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    Excuse me? He’s your boss and paying your paychecks so if he wants to discuss business either on the phone or at the office YOU are LEGALLY obligated to do so! Sorry but I would have FIRED you for this alone and he can fire you for this when an employee is not performing the duties they are being paid to perform.

    Either perform your duties or quit and find a different boss to work for but just know majority will not tolerate you avoiding or ignoring them and will fire you on the spot if you pull this crap with them.

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    Find another job.

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    Lane,learn how to read. It’s not business calls.

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    This has nothing to do with duties, I’m doing my remotely job better than you ever will. I have many years of experience working from anywhere. I’m loyal and hard working, but if you learn how to read you will find the keywords above. As controlling, rejection,crush,bullying
    No Pay raise etc

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    umm… stop complaining and get another job

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    Oh boy
    Rude middle-aged women.great help.

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    Yup pretty much all bitter biatches on this site

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    Thanks anon,.I’m with you – it makes me sad seeing this.

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    Is resigning an option?

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    The Police

    Hello, this is the Police. We received a call that you were performing illegal activities, such as not going in for a meeting. You are LEGALLY REQUIRED to do what your boss asks of you, and we are here to throw you in the pokie. Please don’t resist. We will use force if necessary. Don’t resist! I have a TASER. DON’T RESIS–

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    Great joke site … sad :/ No real responses.

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    You are pathetic. Not sure what you want to hear. You are a grown woman and don’t have enough common sense to find another job.

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    Dont call me pathetic please. This is a site where you talk and share ideas, not where you bully. Hope you get help Karen.

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    It’s because this is such a stupid thread. Get another job. You chose to work for him and it’s your fault if you continue to work for him. I think you are flattered by his attention because if you weren’t you wouldn’t be posting on a dating forum. You are amazingly dramatic. You are actually terrified but cant muster the courage to just find another job. I agree with Karen, pathetic. If you are so good just do your job. As an employer he can decide if you work remotely or not. And if he wants catch up calls, he’s your boss. You don’t tell a boss you won’t do something.

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    I’m sorry for the bad advice you’ve gotten Melina! Lots of bitter ladies here, and i understand where you are coming from.

    This has nothing to do with you not wanting to do something for you boss, it’s a fear that’s explainable cause you do like your job. He’s just an ass. stay strong girl. x

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    What? I wasn’t being sarcastic, I was seriously asking, is resigning an option?

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    Better off single

    Have you considered just ignoring it? Answering the business calls, showing up to the meetings, and keeping it professional? Changing the subject if things got too personal? …while looking for a new job in the meantime?

    It’s a bad idea to burn a bridge with a boss because he will most likely be the one contacted from a new employer for a reference. Unless you get a friend to be the “boss” for you.

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    There are some snarky people here but really why can’t you find another job? Even without the sexual harassment it didn’t sound like a good job.

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    You are creating this prison for yourself, not your boss. You’ve allowed this to go on for years where you work for no pay raises, work unpaid overtime and put up with a boss who bullies and controls you. It could all stop right now but for some reason you allow it. That’s why you’re getting such responses. No one can believe an actual adult would be sitting here acting so helpless!

    You found the will to “escape” to another country at some point, yet can’t muster the energy to look for another job and stop working for a man who you claim to fear phone calls from.

    If you are indeed a loyal, hard working employee with years of experience any employer would be glad to have you! The biggest pay raises I ever got were when I left one company to work for another. This is your life. If you don’t take charge of it someone else will. Most of the times it’s an abusive spouse, but your situation is so much easier to leave. You are the only thing standing in your way. All your whining and excuses mean nothing. Until you’re ready to change it just sit in the same place stewing in your misery or until he fires you for not doing your job.

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    Rude middle aged women?

    Sweetie, middle aged women have been through it all. That’s why young little twits, like you, come on here because you can’t handle some simple problem like a boss who is harassing you.

    It’s pretty simple. Work it out. Welcome to the real world. It’s going to happen again, and again until you step up to the plate, and tell them to back off…you know like a REAL woman would?

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    Amen Crisula!! Once you’ve had the life experience to leave a 24 year abusive marriage, start dating again and find the love of your life, have multiple employers/bosses before starting your own business, all while raising 3 children… telling a boss who bullies and harasses you to back off is a piece of cake!!

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