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    i have an unhealthy obsession with boys. like it’s pretty bad. all my friends know me as the boy crazy one in the group. it’s not even a insecurity thing. i just love them. i love talking to them, talking about them, thinking about them, etc. i don’t understand why. i have a pretty good social life, do pretty well in school, have hobbies, etc. but at the end of the day, i need boysssss. why am i like this? i also don’t have a father in my life but i feel like that is not the reason. oh well. any advice helps.

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    You are a nut case?

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    Well, it depends on how old you are. If you’re 18, it’s normal.

    If you’re 42, like ‘L’ said..you’re a nutter

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    troll alert.

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    Better off single

    Put yourself out there. Find a few guys completely out of your league/emotionally unavailable and flirt with them. Have a fling while getting your hopes up for more than just fling. Get rejected over and over. Then you will no longer have an obsession problem… You’ll probably hate them and not trust a single one.

    Or there’s the whole seeking help with a shrink thing.

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    Not having a father in your life makes you obsessed to find out about males.

    Seek a therapist to help you with this before you make a big mistake.

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