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    Ok i never knew i would ask this, this is funny because i haven’t been in a situation like this in a looong time, or maybe i have but i could care less!! Because i was always dating other people.. Anyways, i’m being ignored! By my almost six months now boyfriend.. We are supposedly in a serious relationship and exclusive, i haven’t been seeing anyone else since we agreed to that.. Anyways, he’s been ignoring/avoiding me for these past few days(intenionaly, i know there’s nothing going on in his life), he doesn’t call, doesn’t text.. I can’t really see him due to personal reasons(for a month).
    I don’t know if i should be worried, and i don’t know how to treat him when he comes back, should i act cold and distant as well, or completely ignore him like he did.. We texted briefly and he acted like nothing happened.
    I have a feeling he’s taking the fact that i can’t see him as a chance to ghost me.

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    What are the personal reasons? Is it something that needs his full attention and he can’t contact you as much?

    Ask him if there is something going in in his life that is causing him to act differently and is he willing to share because you’re feeling terribly hurt. (A man in love would not allow his woman to hurt)

    If you don’t get a proper response, and you STILL want to hold on..
    I would then give him an ultimatum and tell him that the communication between you two has gone down dramatically and although you love him, if this is how it’s going to be, you have no choice but to move on.

    But mean it.. don’t use it as a control mechanism

    You’ll have you’re answer immediately. If he wants you, he will contact you quickly.
    A man in love will not allow his woman to even think about moving on

    Best of luck

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    Wait and see what he comes back with. No sense planning an approach when you don’t even know the reason why he pulled back yet. You may not want to share the reason why you can’t see him, but maybe that has to do with him pulling back. Is it a good
    Excuse or something that would offend him?

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    I do want to see him, but i can’t and he knows it.. Anyways, maybe he wants some space or something, but how should i react when he comes back? I mean he did pull back without saying anything and without any reason, wouldn’t he be afraid of losing me??

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    Apparently not but again as others advise wait and see what his reason is. You can’t plan a response without knowing his reason. Maybe it’s legitimate and you can cut him some slack. Does he understand why you can’t see him? Is there a reason for him to be annoyed with this one month hiatus? Because if it isn’t valid maybe he has reason to break up or thinks that is what you are trying to do.

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    Personal reasons… You’re in jail.
    I wouldn’t want to see you either…

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    ^Lmao no, but close enough lol
    He knows why and he understands.

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    Amy s

    Why can’t you see him ? It’s very relevant. He maybe can’t cope with whatever is going on with you. X

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    Yes, why you can’t see him is very relevant especially if it’s ‘near enough’ you being in jail?! He might say he’s ok about it but need some time to process.

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    Are you grounded by your parents?

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    When I heard that someone was ignoring the mother of dragons, the breaker of chains and the unbrunt I was scared for them lol. Sorry Game of Thrones fan here. :)

    Anyway to more serious stuff, I guess you’re on house arrest? Can’t leave the house etc. Maybe this freaked him out? There’s not much to do when someone ignores you honestly. The only thing you can do is give them time to come back or assume they are gone and move on. It hurts and difficult to accept but you must.

    It’s been only a few days so I would say he is taking some space. Give him another day then call him and talk. If he ignores your calls leave him a message suggesting you guys speak about the future of the relationship. That you understand and prepared to end it if that’s not what he wants anymore. He will have to respond to you or never respond at all but either way you win because now you can safely say he is out. And you can proceed with your life and get things in order for yourself.

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    Lol cheers got fan finally someone noticed..
    Well i don’t know what i did to deserve this, he knows it saddens me the fact that i can’t see him too! And on top of that he goes and makes things worse by not talking or texting! Why!?
    Is he punishing me or something, is it my fault??
    He can wish i’d be running after him or begging him to talk, that’s NOT gonna happen if that’s what he’s hoping for.
    I might even give him a few days and block him

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    You say “He knows why and he understands.”
    Apparently he does not…

    That you come to this anonymous Forum, post a problem, but won’t tell us what the problem is, so we can help you… Tells us, You’re the problem…

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    I dont see any reason why its so important to know why she cant see the guy. Its a given fact, who cares why?
    Its just been a few days he has been out of touch and he still contacted you. So to me its too soon to worry about it. If he is your bf, why would he suddenly want to fade out?
    Give him some time to get back in touch

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    It’s important to know why because that may be the very reason he is ignoring her. If it’s a business trip that’s one thing. If it’s jail or something related to bad behavior he may have decided he doesn’t want to be involved in that kind of drama.

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    No its important because you are all dying to know the reason

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    Well then the OP should have reached out to the psychic network instead of here because we can’t guess her situation or guess his reasons.

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    Going through the same issue. 2 pulled back from me, so I gave them space. One only for 1 week and the other for a few months. They both came back but pulled away again. I am going back into no contact.

    Just leave them alone.

    Hope this helps

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    The reason why you cant see him is why he pulled away. Whether its house arrest or rehab or whatever seriously made him reconsider if you are the type of person he wants in his life. Shares morals and values and all. Should it be something like finalizing a divorce or work travel he may still have thought about it and decided it doenst gel with his needs. Maybe less drama or less career orientated. The reason for you being unable to see him is what made him rethink the entire relationship

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    it’s never okay to be ignored. it doesn’t take much for someone to reach out and say “hey, just need some time” or whatever is relevant to the situation. that’s how you know they care, or don’t care.

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    Well i guess he doesn’t, it’s been 12 days now.. He didn’t reach out and what’s weird is that the last time we talked everything was going great like usual, or maybe he just doesn’t show? Maybe that’s how he was feeling the entire time but because he never shows i had never noticed?
    I feel really low right now and like i don’t know what to do.. Everyday i hope he comes back to his senses but nothing.. And you know this is difficult on me considering what i’m going through and he just made things worse, i feel like a mess right now..
    I tried moving on, but i can’t..
    I want him back even if i know i’ll never trust him again and i feel like he wasted enough of my time but then again i don’t want to lose my pride and dignity, so what should i do?
    I always look back to our pictures, to the pictures he took of me like someone who doesn’t care doesn’t do that, right? The last time we saw each other he got me a gift and then he drove me home and the next day he even paid my phone bill (he was distant but when we talked he was acting normal and like he missed me and calling me baby..)

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