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    Im a younger guy (15) and I’ve been dating this girl for a while, she’s incredibly important to me, it’s going great. She’s clearly into me too. Our dates are light hearted, flirty, touchy etc however in our more recent date I had an opportunity which I lost, We were touchy, slapped each other’s butts and held hands but later on in the date we decided to go cinema. While we were waiting for the movie we watched memes and our faces were really close like a cm or two away from each other, she kept on licking her lips, looking at mine, we kept on getting closer and closer till… nothing happened, I couldn’t make the move and kiss her. I was always on the verge of kissing her but when I actually tried I just couldn’t something stopped me. During the movie she had her arms crossed and her body facing away from me. I got so nervous that I had great trouble to make a move and grab her hand.
    I want a relationship out of this but how do I stop this from happening ever again? Also I’ve noticed that she became a lot more dominant since the last dates, is this some kind of test? Why would this be? How do I prevent this?

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    Next time just try to be a bit more relaxed when you’re on a date with her. She’s clearly into you, so what are you nervous about?

    A lot of your nervousness is caused by allowing yourself to think too much about what you are about to do, rather than actually doing it. Whenever you are with her, you will naturally begin to feel nervous if you waste time thinking and worrying about what might go wrong if you do approach because you like this girl. If you want to stop being nervous around her, you’ve literally got to disconnect from your thoughts and just take action.

    Because believe me, girls are attracted to the emotional strength in guys (e.g. confidence, high self-esteem) and turned off by the weakness (e.g. nervousness, self-doubt, insecurity, etc). Confident men are sexy because they know what they want and girls are attracted to this masculine confidence. Good luck! :)

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    I understand that, it’s just that I told myself that I’ll kiss her on that date and I had my chance and didn’t use it. I think that got me in my head.

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