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    I haven’t heard from a guy I was seeing for a few weeks, I had come to the conclusion that he no longer wanted to be in touch but i needed closure – i text him on Saturday saying how i felt and that i had the feeling he no longer wanted to be in touch and he has just ignored me, he hasn’t even read my message but has been online.

    I know i should just move on and take that as a very clear sign but after he told me that i am important to him and special, i’m finding it hard to do that.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    Unfortunately those were just words and his actions speak volumes. For whatever reason he’s moved on from this relationship. The only thing you can do is the same. Sorry, but you’ll meet someone else. Onward!

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    How would he know you’re important and special in just a few weeks? Sounds like he was Lovebombing you to get you to lower your guard. Hopefully you didn’t sleep with him so soon and it will be fairly easy to move on.

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    Let me get this right… you texted a guy who was ignoring you and said to him you know he is ignoring you. Then he kept on ignoring you?

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    When someone goes quiet that is your closure.

    What exactly were you expecting him to say, his actions were screaming leave me alone.

    I understand that when a guys says all these nice things we get excited.

    Going forward when a guy starts to fade don’t waste your precious time trying to track him down.

    Only seek closure when its a break up on an exclusive relationship.

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    You got it off your chest, he ignored your last message, you now have a full confirmation that this person is not worthy of a minute of oyur time.

    You won’t be upset is some troubled homeless beggar was ignoring you, would you? You are upset because you transferred your “wishes” onto the person you did not have a chance to get to know. You thought he was a nice guy. And it is hurtful because you thought so. If you realize that you dodged the bullet with this “nice” guy, you’d feel GOOD about the situation. These type of people do other things that are hurtful, if they feel comfortable ignoring someone they’ve been seeing for a while, they’d feel comfortable doing other mean things. This is guaranteed! And those who tell you it is “normal” because you had no titles, well it is probably normal to them; this is how they’ve been treated and this is how they probably treat others. You can feel sorry for them, but it does not mean you should consider this normal.

    You should consider it a blessing, you are NOT involved with this type of a person anymore. Your pride hurts because you misjudged him. Once oyu shift your judgement in the direct direction, you won’t feel hurt.

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    Thank you for the advice, i feel a little silly for letting myself feel this way but i will move on.

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    Guys are so weird.
    If there is one thing I have learned from dating, they can and will drop off without a trace after letting you know you are amazing. Next please.

    I had a great date with a guy and he texted me after the date that I was AMAZING, and let’s plan another date. I said, great, let me know where and when. Then crickets. Then he friends me on FB, I accept and in the past month, homeboy has friended about 15 women who could be my twin. All single.

    He ended up asking me out again (complaining about crazy women, which well, yeah, some of the women you f’d in the last month had red flags all over their FB). I said no.

    Anyhow, point is, a lot of these guys have scads of women and short attention spans. It’s not worth getting attached until they ask for commitment. A lot of them are just thinking with their D. It was clear to me that I was just a “type” for this guy and sorry, but you were probably also just a type for the guy that dropped you.

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    This may be a bit TMI but I am very hurt. My boyfriend and I had sex the other night. He was very drunk and it was dark in the room. I left in the morning to go to work and he was still sleeping. He texted me later and blew up on me. He said he woke up with blood on him and blamed me for not telling him I was on my period. He said he was very grossed out and felt betrayed by me. He said he couldn’t be with me because I am dirty. This is all out of left field. The main thing, I WAS NOT on my period. My period ended last week. I have no idea what happened and why there was blood. I didn’t see any when I got up. I am concerned why I bled after my period was over. He won’t talk to me now. I am dumbfounded on why he is acting like this.

    Also, he threw up in his garage and I found it in the morning. I was late for work so I just put paper towels over it and left. He blamed ME for throwing up and not cleaning it up. He doesn’t even remember it was him but he won’t believe me.

    I am very embarrassed and ashamed. He has made me feel like a bad person when I had no idea that happened. He isn’t talking to me now.

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    Women get attached to words, men get attached to actions. If we realize this we’d be better off.
    Remember you’re an amazing woman. The next time a man uses those words to get into your heart, please realize they are words that SHOULD be said. Not that he’s the only one saying it…

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