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    nyc_edu (was: Leanne)


    I noticed my bf of 2 months commented under a celebrities provocative pic, “I dare you,” Then under another one, 2 days later, “you play too much,”

    Should I worry? Is this safe? Maybe I’m naive but part of me says it’s a celebrity. He was once in that world, 15 years ago, and has since left it for a normal job. His IG is very simple, very few followers and I’m on it as he made it clear he’s not single.

    AM I overreacting?

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    i should add both comments were made while with me…



    so your bf scrolls through insta while he is spending time with you?
    great relationship



    Why do these simple comments bother You?


    Liz Lemon

    I think you’re overreacting. You said he’s made it clear on social media that he’s not single. Is there something about the relationship (other than this) that makes you feel insecure? The fact that you are monitoring his IG comments and worrying about them seems to indicate you aren’t secure in the relationship.

    Re: the previous post about him making the comments when we was with you. Were you on a date? Or were you spending an extended period of time together? I spend weekends with my boyfriend (a full 48 hours straight) and yeah we’ll check our social media once in awhile when we’re together during those couple days (sitting in front of the TV together, etc). But he is never checking social media if we’re out on a date. So the fact that your boyfriend was with you when he commented depends on the circumstances, in my book.



    It sounds immature to me. A grown man making comments. If he was in the business he would know that the celebrity probably isn’t even reading it, they have people who manage their social media accounts for them. So him posting inane comments as a follower doesn’t do much except show he needs a life outside of social media. Is it safe? Safe in what way? It’s not like he’s going to get a date or even a response from one of these people. Yeah you are overreacting but then unfortunately that’s what social media tends to foster. People get caught up in reading into likes and comments and it breeds paranoia and jealousy. I prefer not to be connected to my boyfriend thru FB for this very reason.



    The only concern I would have is his character, or lack thereof in this case. Seriously, there’s a difference between looking and broadcasting sexual innuendo’s to female celebrities while in a relationship. That would turn me off, not because of insecurity or concern he miht cheat but that he’s acting out sexual fantasies like a hormonal teenager would, and who wants to be in a relationship with a boy?



    As a side note: Grown mature men learn how to tame that part of themselves (aka ‘testosterone’) and act accordingly. Those who aren’t don’t.


    ANM Staff

    OP, I told you to stop posting on the ANM forums. Since you keep changing names, I’m going to dub thee “nyc_edu”. I’m going to change your post name to that so people recognize the pattern of fradulent stories you insist on posting to these forums.

    To everyone else: This is a person who has been posting these kinds of stories to the ANM forums for years. All of those threads have been eliminated, but I’ll leave this one around for the record.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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