I want to break up with my love in boyfriend, but I do still love him

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    Hello guys, I’m new to this website, and I happened to stumble across it while I was looking up stories of people who broke up with their live in boyfriend. So, here’s my story:

    Me and my boyfriend have been in a relationship for almost two years. We recently just moved in together about three months ago. Before we moved in, our relationship was great, but it also had a huge strain because I was diagnosed with cancer in the beginning of our relationship. He was very supportive, and still is. He makes sure I am healthy, and makes me a healthy dinner almost everyday. Then we started arguing a lot, we started to develop problems, and our communication was way off. He ended up cheating on me, and it was really stressful. I was hurt. Still am. We talked, and I decided to give him another chance. Not long after that, we moved in together, and it helped us a lot to overcome the fact that he cheated. He became more responsible, and everything was getting better. Now it’s startig to wear off, I constantly am jealous, and question whet

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    I broke up with my ex after 6 years living together.
    My advice, make a plan, find a place to live have everything set up and then tell him. The days we had to coexist until I find a place to stay were horrible.

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    Look, if you are unhappy and stressed tell him it is not working for you and move out.

    You need good vibes now….only good vibes.

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    A lot of people cannot get over cheating even if they try. It seems that in your case it was not a good idea to move in soon after something like this. I’m sorry in such a difficult time you’re probably vulnerable and lonely, but it sounds like you should consider a break-up. I think I would break up. A bad relationship will only make you feel more lonely anyway.

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    Actually many relationships survive infidelity if they do love each other and can’t work it out, but I think you have to decide if you really want to get past this and then get a professional counselor to work with you and him on how to do that. Most people can’t do it on their own. But here’s the catch. If you choose to get back together you also have to choose to let it go interms of the cheating, easier said than done, but you can’t keep hanging it over his head or yours. If you can’t really get past it, then yes, move on.

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