I told him to leave me alone bc he's not ready.

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    I’ve been seeing this guy for 9 months. However, we aren’t official. I’ve been supportive of his last relationship. He was dating a girl for 10 years, she left him for abother man on his birthday, 2 years ago. We’ve talked about what we were and he said he was not mentally, emptionally, or physically ready. I suggested fwb, but i ended up getting more confused and broke everything off. This lasted for a month and then I got a random ” hey how are you text” 2 weeks ago. I asked him why he reached out to me and he said “idk, I guess I was lonely or bored ” he is not good with expressing how he really feels and come’s off slightly awkward.I know he cares about me, but I don’t know if we will ever be official. We’ve hung out 3 times since we started texting again. I ended up giving it up again for his birthday the other night and feel confused again. This weekend, his friends (mainly couples) will be going out for drinks. Should I feel offended if he doesn’t invite me? Should I go MIA if he also doesn’t?

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    What a guy… “idk, I guess I was lonely or bored ”

    You don’t have to settle for this half a$$ed crap.
    Don’t you want a guy who is all in?

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    Please listen to what he is saying – he is not ready. No matter how sweet or how many ‘how are you’ text messages you receive, if he told you he is not ready, believe that. Im sorry to say this but it will never be official between you two because if he wanted to be your official boyfriend he wouldve done so from the very beginning.

    Stop holding on to this guy, don’t even give a flying f*ck to him and begin to prioritize yourself. Don’t equate your worth from external validation, especially from men. You validate yourself, you love your own flaws, intellect, heart and soul. A person who respects and loves herself don’t waste her time with people who don’t choose her. A person who knows her worth very well will only use their precious time with people who are making an actual effort to be with them.

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    Dump this guy. After 9 months he doesn’t commit? He’s obviously enjoying the sex, but doesn’t care enough about you to make you his girlfriend. Stop wasting your time!

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    Audrey Rodriguez

    This is basically my story. Same thing he was in a relationship for 10 years his wife cheated on him with his neighbor. We have been seeing eachother for 9 months. Same commitment issue. I won’t let him have sex with me and he said he wont ask anymore. I said good, please leave me alone. He said ok.

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    Look, it takes time to get to know men. If you like him then make a compromise. If you don’t , move on

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    He told you He reached out because he is lonely or bored. He is pretty damn good at expressing his feelings. You are NOT damn good at listening what he is saying.

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    You told him to leave you alone. After awhile he contacts you because he’s bored or lonely. How special did that make you feel? Block him and move on.

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    hes not good at expressing his feelings? yes he is – he told you EXACTLY how he feels. its woman that arent good at listening.

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    hear what he has to say. he reaches out only when hes lonely or bored. he didn’t say because he misses you. he will keep reaching out till you let him. I doubt this would turn serious. very unlikely. I would suggest total cut off. move on. this is a dead end.

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