I told him I like him he told me he likes me as a friend but now acts weird

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    Hi everyone,

    I met a guy in class and I was 100% sure he loves me. All the signs were there ! People thought we were in a relationship in class.. he offered me a gift and called me all the time.
    I decided to ask him directly if he was interested in me because it pissed me off to think about him. I asked him out but he didn’t want to. He told me that for him we are just friends and he just likes me a lot. I told him “no problem we can be friend then stop being ambiguous”.

    Since that day he became weird and seemed to be sad.. he sends me texts everyday for no reasons ( He is the kind of guy who never answer texts and has too many friends). And few days later he told me that “he feels bad”. I asked him why and pretended understanding nothing but he just answered “nothing I’m fine”.
    Now in class, I talk to him as a simple friend and he is very jealous when I talk to other guys. He sometimes just don’t reply to my messages. However, when I am with him, he looks sweet but still acts jealous like asking me “did you go out this week end ? Who with?” He also always wants to drive me home and if I refuse he looks pissed off.

    I am completely lost ! I act like a friend with him but this situation makes me feel sad because i used to get along with him and he acts weird.
    What can I do?

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    Oh and also.
    Sometimes I send him texts / or reply to his texts and he doesn’t answer for days..
    But when I look at him he can’t look at me in the eyes and blush (despite the fact that he’s a confident 26 years old man) and seems to love me. When he sees me talking to a guy he comes straight and say”what are you talking about”.
    I’m tired of this hot&cold behaviour. How can I act ?

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    Didn’t you post about this already in the last week or so? This story sounds very familiar.

    If you did, then you got a lot of good advice so not sure what else you’re looking to hear.

    If I”m wrong and this is your first post… then you need to directly tell him that as he’s not interested in dating you and only sees you as a friend you are of course seeing others and if he’s going to interfere with that then it would be best if you ended the friendship because this is just too much to handle. And then cut him off if he won’t chill out. You have to take charge because he’s all over the map. It’s your life and you have a right to live it on your own terms and you don’t owe him an explanation over who you’re talking to and why.

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    Better off single


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    No I didn’t post anything last week..
    I don’t know if I will be brave enough to tell him that. But I think that it’s better if I ignore him.
    Hahaha betteroffsingle why “run away”?

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    News Flash-you have never dated him-so neither of you know each other enough to “be in love”!

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    If I was acting similar to the way he is. Which I have with some women:

    He likes you but not enough for anything long-term. Like a crush you has no intention of pursuing. The hot and cold is a result of being physically attracted to someone, yet holding yourself back because you know it in your soul there’s no future.

    Move on.

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    If ignoring him doesn’t work, then you’re going to have to tell him directly.

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    I tried to follow your advise but he again sent me messages and came to talk to me. It is very hard to ignore him because he is always present and seems to enjoy my company. He always wants to know what I am doing, if I went out and stuff. He also shows that he is jealous if I talk to a guy… I told him today that I won’t go to class for the next days and he seemed to be so angry not to see me. His words and actions are not in line.
    He is the weirdest guy I met.

    Guys are so complicated, I give up seriously

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