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    This will sound like BS to most of you but bear with me. I think my friends are being ridiculous but I need to check anyway.

    I just turned 18, I’ve never dated before but I’m really interested in this guy that works in the same pub as me. Thing is, my friends think he’s gay because (are y’all sitting down for this?) he has a rainbow keyboard cover on his MacBook and because he’s been to Pride events even though he referred to himself as ”straight as a capital”. My friends think he’s in the closet, I think it’s stupid but then again I know nothing about men or dating.

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    Omg I please help y’all

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    Ayla we aren’t psychic so we have no way of knowing if this guy is gay or not. Personally I do think it’s weird if your guy has a rainbow keyboard cover and goes to Pride events. The guys I’ve dated would never have touched those things with a 30 foot pole!

    Unless you know for a fact he’s got a string of ladies he’s dated or he talks about his ex girlfriends, etc. it’s hard to know. I’ve also never heard anyone refer to themselves as ”straight as a capital” before. Seems like a rather odd thing to say.

    Regardless if a guy isn’t making a move to date you, it’s pointless to have a crush on him. Chasing after a guy because you like him rarely works in a girl’s favor. When a guy is interested it’s not hard to tell. But when he’s not women are always trying to come up with some kind of signs he’s interested. And I would suggest you never date a guy you work with either. Move on and find another guy!!

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    Help with what? What’s your question?

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    Honestly since you work together, you can definitely start talking to him about things, anything at all to see his mannerism, his personality in general. And if he isn’t the type to wear it on his sleeves I’d be bold and ask him out on a date. If he is very gay, he will tell you he is into guys since he isn’t shy to go to pride events he wont be afraid to tell you. Or he could be bisexual too who knows. Have a respectful conversation.

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    Undine spragg

    Straight men don’t go to gay events. And straight men don’t feel the need to label themselves straight.

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    Liz Lemon

    I think most heterosexual guys wouldn’t openly use rainbow/Pride gear (like his keyboard cover) because they wouldn’t want women to think they’re gay. Even if they’re totally not homophobic and fine with gay people. They wouldn’t want to be pegged as gay by women, if they were interested in women, so they would not want to send out that signal. Therefore I think there’s a good chance this guy is gay or bi. Or confused about his sexuality.

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    Straight men do- do all of these things… Where the Fuk do y’all live- Alabama, Georgia, Ohio?!

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    Hi y’all, thanks a bunch.

    He’s been flirting with me for a few weeks now, but since I haven’t yet reciprocated anything (cause I’m too afraid that he’s a closeted gay or confused about his sexuality) we still haven’t gone on a date. I asked him if he was bissexual when he talked about the time he went to the Pride event, that’s when he told me ”no way! I’m straight as a capital”.

    I just don’t know what to think, his mannerisms are not gay at all but it’s very weird the fact that he has a rainbow cover for his MacBook. I know nothing about men though, like I said I’ve never had a boyfriend and growing up my family was somewhat conservative so for it’s very weird to see a guy like that. Maybe it’s because he’s European? Idk.

    And yes, Raven I’m from Georgia. But now living in NYC because of University.

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    It is probably because he is from Europe. We Europeans aren’t Americans with funny accents you know. If he were a homosexual then he would probably tell you because he would know that you are interested in him and he wouldn’t want to lead you on.

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    I clicked the ‘submit’ button by mistake. I wanted to add that I am sure that he won’t be pleased to learn that all your gfs are discussing him and speculating upon his sexuality. Men don’t like the idea of all the hens in the henhouse clucking about them.

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    Something tells me I cannot take you seriously, Stephen.

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    Liz Lemon

    If he’s flirting with you, and you asked him about his sexuality and he said he was straight- what’s the problem? Why can’t you take what he’s telling you at face value?

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    “Something tells me I cannot take you seriously, Stephen. ”

    And why is that young lady?

    It seems that you’ve made your mind up about him. You will only drive him away,not only as a potential lover but as a friend of you keep asking:’are you sure your not gay? Are you questioning your sexuality? Have you thought that you might be bisexual?’

    I would let this fellow go for his sake more than yours.

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    Has he ask you out?

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    Raven, Toledo. Ohio is the fourth most gay friendly city in the u.s.

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    I don’t understand the question? He hasn’t asked you on a date.

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    The guy is totally gay. I got tired of waiting for him to make a move so I kissed him or tried to kiss him. He turned away just as I was getting ready to smooch him! He shot me a look of surprise and annoyance. Do you think I have blown any chance of friendship?

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    Just because he doesn’t want to kiss you doesn’t make him gay.

    I’d leave him alone and let the dust settle, but at least you know he’s not attracted to you that way and you can move on.

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    You forced yourself on him? Really bad move. And no this does not mean he is ‘totally gay’ because he was annoyed and did not reciprocate. If a guy you were not romantically interest in pounced on you, trying to kiss you, would that make you ‘totally a lesbian’.

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    Liz Lemon

    His refusal to kiss you is not proof that he’s gay. However it is proof that he’s not interested in you romantically, especially since he looked annoyed. Just leave him alone and move on.

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    You might have blown the chance for a friendship because that move proved you wanted more than that.

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