I tested pos. he tested neg. please help this makes no sense!!!!!!!!

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    I went to the er last Tuesday and found out I tested positive for gonnorrhea!!!! I told my bf of almost a year and took him in to go get tested. He freaked and immediately accused me of cheating. His test came back negative!!! This is making me crazy because he left me and tells me he wanted to marry me and us live together but its all been shot to hell because I’m a cheater!!! I have not cheated on him in anyway…I’ve never lied to him ever!!! I love this man so much and my life is ruined because he doesn’t want me and thinks I’m a liar!!! I put it on every and anything I haven’t done him wrong but now everyone hates me and no one believes me!!! This is killing me I can’t eat I can’t sleep I’ve lost weight I’m losing my mind. I don’t know how this could be. We have been together for almost a year and before that I was with another man in a relationship for 6 years. He also says he is negative!!! I feel like I would rather be dead then to go thru this idk what to do!?!?!

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    Your bf can have given you gonorrhea, then taken antibiotics to treat his gonorrhea… in that case you will test positive and he will test negative…

    It is also possible to be a carrier of gonorrhea and yet test negative…

    Positive tests can also be false positive – the test result indicates an infection when there isn’t one, and negative tests can be false negative – a test comes back negative, despite the presence of an infection…

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    Make an appointment to get tested again either by your regular doctor or planned parenthood. See what the results are and ask them these questions…

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    I have a feeling he has or had it.

    Also, were u with him when he got the results?

    If you haven’t been sexually active with anyone else then your bf is the lowest scum because he cheated and lied and ruined your reputation.

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    I looked online and it says that the incubation period for this is really short, unlike some other STDs which can be around for a long time dormant before you know you have it. Ask your doctor to talk with both of you about this together. If you feel like he’s telling the truth, and you know you haven’t done anything then there must be another explanation.

    In the extreme case you could do lie detector tests. I hope it wouldn’t come to that.

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    I feel like he knew he had it before you knew and already took the antibiotics so then when you both got tested you came out positive and he came out negative.

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    I agree with Aries. He had it, treated it…and now is saving face by pretending it is you and let everyone else believe it. You shouldn’t waste anymore time on him. If he REALLY loved you…this “misunderstanding” wouldn’t have happened.

    Just in case, you might get a second test done..just in case it is a false positive. In which case, the above doesn’t apply. But still, his behavior is troubling.

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    Like seriously !!! You want to marry that kind of guy… He will destroy you, send you to a madhouse and get the next person to prey on. Please for the love of yourself run as fast as your leg can carry you out of that fire… He is a monstrer !!!… Save yourself the disaster.. Please see a therapist or counselor.. Please value you .. don’t let anyone treat you like trash

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    Not to jump in and be devils advocate but I’m dealing with this same situation only I am the man. She did break up with me and sleep with someone else during that time but I didnt then we had unprotected sex but i still test negative. I have received treatment just in case but I am terrified I am a carrier and never knew it. I’ve been tested many times in my life all negative. I know how I feel right now, I feel like the timelines say I was cheated on. But then again she may not have and I am as the person earlier said, the monster. I told the person I still loved them, but even if things went back would the trust exist? Would you trust him after the emotional blows, would he trust you. It would take a lot of couples therapy and a concrete answer as to what exactly happened to mend that bridge. That’s the choice the original poster and her mystery man have to make.

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    This happened to me. Ex gave me chlamidia and when I told him he got defensive and said he doesn’t have it. Meanwhile I never had sex with anyone else but him. He kept asking me the name of the prescription my doctor gave me just to “know what I was taking” saying he didn’t give me that. Too childish, it turned out to be he did give me that and when I told his mom about it he was pressuring me to know the name of medication to not look stupid in front of his mom. And today, he still denies giving me that.

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