I posted about this yesterday but this is the full story. Was I right?

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    I was on vacation and I matched with this guy on a dating app. He was from Boston and I’m from ny so I’m figuring it was never going to work out. Anyway, we were chatting on the app and he gave me his number. I said I would get back to him later bc I was on vacation and he was too. He texts me later that night “no dice 😒“ and I replied oh sorry I was out all day which I was. He replied boo. I thought this was weird and a little strange tbh and I unmatched him. Was this too much? Also, I have a big test to take and can’t be distracted so it’s just as well. Did I do the right thing and is this weird to say boo?

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    I personally also use ‘boo’ to mean ‘that’s disappointing’ or whatever, so I wouldn’t have unmatched him for that, but if you’re miles and miles apart what’s the point anyway?

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    @louise so I did the right thing?

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    I’d say not because he said ‘boo’ but yes because you say you don’t want distraction and live too far away.

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    Something tells it would have been a fling then

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    I still can’t follow this thread. You agreed to chat with a guy who isn’t even physically close to you?

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    Honey, why on earth are you writing about this again? You are much too invested for a complete stranger. If this is how you act with someone you’ve never even met, I shutter to think about how you behave when it is someone that you have. Did you do the right thing? it doesn’t matter. You did what you did and it’s over. Who cares? If you cannot date giving 0 f’s then you should not be dating. If you do not like how you behaved do it differently next time.

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    Enjoy your vacation and stop worrying about this guy.
    What he said turned you off, you’ve decided to move on. So, do just that, move on.

    Why waste time agonizing about it?

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    T from NY

    Sometimes the real question is not in the exact words a poster writes…. What you’re really asking is — was I correct to follow my gut instinct? Was it okay for me to not continue correspondence with someone who wouldn’t allow me to get back to them when I was able to — regardless where he lives, how close, or what have you…

    The answers are yes and YES! Him stating no dice is not playful and somewhat passive aggressive. “Boo” as his reply to your message sounded (to me) as if he was responding “You’re no fun and don’t have time for me”. Waa waa someone pass him his pacifier. There are so many weak and scared men online.

    Stop second guessing your radar. Spend some quality time with your own company to learn what your radar IS, versus what your insecurities from un-processed traumas are. Focus on your test and bettering you and trusting your decisions.

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    Yeah let’s all try to analyze what a text means. Sigh.

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    Better off single

    He wanted to text back and forth or call. Hes disappointed you were not up for doing that.

    I think you did the right thing. Sounds like a time waster.

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