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    I (25f) been together with this man (30m) for two yrs now. He meet my family but I never meet his. He live alone but his sister live in the same city.

    I never meet her ever. I brought it up to him. He said I won’t be seeing his sister because i have trust issues. Now im paranoid more than ever. Maybe , his so called sister is his friend?

    We are open to one another. He check my phone and i check his sometimes. Everytime , i come over to his place. HIS sister message are all deleted. But he keep my messages since last yr. I find this odd why he would delete his sister message but keep mine.

    Please , thoughts. Does he see me as temporary until he found someone better?



    You posted as Ren a couple days ago & got some great advice & insight…

    Yes- this is a problem.



    My post were deleted . So i didnt get to see the reply. The admin deleted it as I cannot acces to it without reading the messages


    Liz Lemon

    It’s not deleted. It’s called “NOT meeting his fam” and it’s currently the 5th post down the list in this category (complicated situation/mixed signals).


    ANM Staff

    Hi Lina – The topic can be found here.

    Also, in case it helps – the topics don’t disappear if they fall off the bottom of the “recent topics” list. You can find all the topics from across all the subforums on the all recent topics list.

    I hope our community’s advice helps you find clarity!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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