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    i have been talking to this guy for about 4 months now. we never felt the need to label what we are but to the outside eye people assume we are dating. He invited me to an event with a bunch of his friends the other night, asking me to be his date. The issue with this is that he did not speak to me the entire time we were there. Which normally would not have bothered me except for the fact i barely knew anyone that was there. I knew some of his friends but they were ll with their dates so i did not want to cling to them the whole night. Other girls came up to me and even asked me who i was there with because he did not even care to check on me or talk to me. so after a while i started to get drunk and instead of just saying whos date i was i would say ” im supposed to be here with * but he hasn’t spoken to me all night so”..i do admit that was childish but why invite me if you intended to leave me alone the entire night!! Those girls ended up going back to him and repeating what i had said and he came up to me towards the end of the night telling me he was leaving. He aid he had heard what i said and didn’t care and that he was going out to a bar with his friends. keep in mind i said nothing mean about him i simply said the truth. he ignored me al night and then left me at the place. so i went home alone he did not try to contact me at all even the next day. So two days later i sent him a message asking for an explanation. “”can you explain what happened on Saturday? if you did not want me there you did not have to invite me. but to invite me and ignore me the entire night was just unnecessary.””. he then came back at me saying that he was not going to deal with my bs and that he cant believe i was talking about him to other people. i apologized for that i told him i should have just gone to him instead but i was just angry and uncomfortable but that does not justify what he did. i would not have said those things if he did not ignore me the entire night. He then started making fun of me saying it was only 15 minutes….when it was 2 full hours of he just standing there. It was a complete misunderstanding and he does not feel the need to apologize at all. so i said that there was no need to continue this conversation since we ill not agree and he just ignored me. What should i do we havent talked since?

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    Is he usually caring apart from that night? I personally don’t think he is worth it based on what you’ve said, also the fact you are not officially in a relationship so he could feel like he can do whatever he wants. I would wait to see if he comes to you.

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    You already posted this.

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    “why invite me if you intended to leave me alone the entire night!! Those girls ended up going back to him and repeating what i had said and he came up to me towards the end of the night telling me he was leaving.”

    Did it ever cross your mind he brought you along to have a good time and it didn’t necessarily mean it had to be with him the entire night? To mingle and meet others? That’s what you do at those events right?

    You made him look like an as*hole. They probably loved making you look bad in front of him for throwing what you said in his face to make themselves look better and probably might have even embellished it.

    You have only been talking so that means this isn’t even dating? Do you think it’s possible he might have invited you because that’s what friends do and maybe hope that you would maybe meet someone else?

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    The guy’s a jerk, move on…

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    Nothing. I wouldn’t speak to a guy who ignored me for 2 hours at an event he invited me to.

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    I agree, don’t do anything, the guy’s a jerk. You have done too much already (apologising, explaining yourself).

    I once had a similar date, although it was not that extreme.

    It was art awards event and the guy was nominated, I was his date. He didn’t get the award, that’s why I was trying to be understanding (perhaps he was disappointed).

    Still, his lack of manners was a turn off. He was leaving me for long periods of time during the night. We sat by a table for instance and before we even got to order abything, he would go to say hello to his friends, that is, he would leave my by a table for 30 minutes without even a drink and go chat to his friends, where I didn’t know anyone. Which I didn’t understand because he could as well have invited me to his friends and we could then chat together. During the whole night we didn’t exchange more than 2 sentences. We left together but he didn’t even bother to walk me to a bus stop, he just went home.

    It’s not even that I was offended, but I found his behavior rude, lame and it was the most boring date that I have ever been on.

    We didn’t talk about it again, I just never agreed to a second date.

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    Amanda Rocks

    Why would you even consider talking to this guy after what he did. Hes an absolute as hole and you should have deleted his number after that debacle. There is no comeback from this. You dont ask any person even a platonic friend to something and then ignore them the whole night and leave them there alone. I cant believe you would ever speak to this person again let alone wonder about him. x

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    Just move on. Guys are jerk. This is called manipulation. He manipulated you by ignoring you this night, and unfortunately you were too angry to see his game. You made a huge mistake talking to these girls you barely know and you should have shown him that you were enjoying the night despite he ignored you, it would have made him felt like an idiot..
    But dont worry, you lost nothing there, this guy is unsecure especially if it starts like this in the beginning of dating. Just forget him and move on. You need a man who stands for you, make you feel loved and comfortable!!

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    Yes, you were wrong for acting like a wallflower and not getting an Uber within the first hour and saying “screw who’s!” When he couldn’t find you I would have responded with “you ignored and disappeared so I did too” and never talked to that flake again!

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    Sounds like an arrogant Jerk, you were not wrong. I would be upset even if it was a girlfriend or my sister who invited me to somewhere then ignore me all night.

    Mingle mingle with whom, after saying hello and smiling with a few people how much are you expected to do. He sounds like a loser.

    Leave him alone and do not give him the time of day. On another note seems like you are missing having this jerk around.

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