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    what is normal amount of time before saying those 3 words?

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    Generally, people on this forum will tell you around the 6-month mark. In my experience, the only two guys who have said it waited longer. One said it at 9 months, and the other at 12 months.

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    Hi Eliza-I think it depends,really. If you are young and in a serious relationship-the love may come a little later. I am nearly 60 and my boyfriend said it after about 2 months-so no hard and fast rules. I would not trust an “I love You” after only a couple weeks. 4 months seems about right to me. Anything much past 6-8 months would seem pretty late to me and make me wonder. Just my 2 cents. What is your situation?

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    Stephen G

    “I love you” said the fly to the spider never.

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    Thanks miss a!

    Peggy..thanks! We’ve been dating about 3 months. We are exclusive bf and gf. I’m 28 and hes 33. We have both indicated we are looking for a serious relationship. He’s very sweet, caring, attentive towards me. So..as I write this I realize in i probably have nothin to worry about. I just get both paranoid and curious as to whether or not my relationship is on the right track due to past hurts.

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    And i guess I should clarify….he has not said it yet

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    Sounds like you’re fine! Relax and enjoy things as they unfold :)

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    It’s always taken me 6 months or more to fall in love. I want to be pretty sure I’m falling in love with the real person, not the persona a lot of people give off at the start. I think you’re fine! You want it to be authentic and genuine when he tells you, not just nice words he doesn’t mean or half means. You haven’t known each other very long at all so you have plenty of time to fall in love with each other.

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    Miss a…you’re right thanks

    Hannah…thanks. What exacty makes you fall in love or how do you know you’re in love? In my early twenties I associated falling in love with the initial excitement that comes w meeting someone special. My parents didn’t not give me a very good example of what true love actually is so I’ve had to kind of figure out what healthy long lasting love should look/feel like.

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    Every guy that ended up being a serious bf for me said it between 3-4 months. That said, it’s better to wait until 6 months in my opinion. You really know each other so much better.

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    2 weeks max

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    Ahh that’s so difficult to answer and different for each person I think!

    For me, I call that initial excitement stage infatuation. Where you’re really into them, you think they’re amazing, you think about them all the time! Such a great feeling!

    But then after some time you get more used to each other. You’re still excited and think about them a lot but you’re more comfortable with them. You get to know more about them as a person. You get to see their bad habits and things you don’t like that much, but you still really like and respect them overall.

    You start to realise you like them depsite their bad qualities, you don’t want to change them significantly. At the same time, you’re bonding physically a lot, spending a lot of time together, building trust and a whole unique relationship of your own.

    When I’ve fallen in love, I mean really fallen in love, I’ve felt everything was calm in our relationship. We’ve talked and talked, I know we want the same things, I know he feels the same way as me, I know he shows me by his actions every day how much he cares. (Not big things, just being consistent, caring about my feelings, wanting to see me a lot). It’s like the head, heart and gut all come together and you know this is a man you could love.

    Essentially, you feel it in your gut, heart and head all at the same time. If one of those has concerns, listen to those concerns and explore them. That’s what I used to do and why it took at least 6 months to fall in love!

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    Thank you hannah!

    I think I just need to enjoy him and not sweat this stuff :) He’s definitely the best guy ive ever dated (so far) and I can tell he really cares about me. I feel very calm in our relationship and I think that actually causes me some anxiety haha because i’m not used to feeling that.

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    and georgia…thanks your right. I guess I would rather hear it after 6 months or a bit later when we really know eachother or when we both can say it for sure. Makes it more special.

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