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    Hi everyone
    It’s about 6 weeks that she dumped me by text n an aggressive phone call , changed FB status to single, removed my photos from her instagram page but left 5 of them , Blocked me on WhatsApp, I didn’t go for no contact. She unblocked me n I posted photos of us , we’ve been traveling the country on our van , been pretty happy n everybody was looking at us like amazing couple. We had some other fight by text after that cause I was sending her our photos , also sent some flower seed to her which I’ve found out she is growing them after 4weeks!!! I started no contact now for 2 weeks n She unblocked me on full moon night (5days ago) which is our special night , after broke up she’s working at a cafe n she still have all the photos that I took as her profile pictures everywhere , she was always talking to me about future, getting old n having babies together , but now I’m broken here n missed her, I did not anything wrong except during that 1 hour harsh texting, she also said we had bad sex , after 15 months ! But her orgasm even by oral was always my priority . Maybe she was angry or I suck , no idea !

    She was posting photos of our spots during road trips for a while , but now stopped it ! We have no mutual friend n I have no idea how she is doing , but I know her ex was beating n betraying her for years n I was treating her like a queen, I don’t except this to happen , last time she said She still have problems n error from the past n was not ready for a relationship ! That’s why she was aggressive sometimes , but I accepted her past n errors n always been forgiving her , after she was mad n ask to me for not breaking up with here , n I was like I don’t event think about it babe ,

    How can I win her back ?! Why she block / unblock me ?! Specially on full moon ?! Why did she plants that seeds ?! HELP me , she’s crazy but the one

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    We made our van together 😐 Now traveling alone is not working for me , lots of great memories n a big lost 😔

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    Are you high?? You make no sense

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    Hi-Sounds like you should consult the tarot cards-both of you sound hippy/dippy/flakey.

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    Thanks ! Ha ha ! Funny !!!
    But I need real conversation here

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    :| thanks for your time then :|

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    You talk like you lost most of your teeth.

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    I saw your offensive n harsh comment every where L . Enjoy of being rude

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    What were the fights about? How old are you both?

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    D why did she break up with you? I need to know that before I can give you advice. But if you treated her right, she might just not be your match. You might think she is the one, but she needs to think it as well. She sounds flaky and vindictive. In general, you get a woman back by convincing her that you have changed and are no longer guilty of the things that made her break up with you. But it kind of sounds like she broke up with you for no reason. If so, it is much harder to get her back.

    And why are people on here so mean? The kid is hurting. So what if he is a hippie! If you don’t have something productive to say, why post anything. Seriously people who get off on being an anonymous dick on the internet, smh.

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    Thank you , she said she has a darkside ok from the past which didn’t healed with me , also was angry because I was not well during past months because of some work issues , we are 30 n 31 . We’ve been the best together , I still don’t know what happend ?! So unblocking means nothing ?! Growing those seeds means nothing ?!

    By the way we love hippie life style , I’m a photographer we travel n shoot stuff .

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    D it’s not that it means nothing but she clearly is not in a place to be in a relationship with you. She is trying to separate herself. Honestly it sounds like excuses for just not seeing you as the right fit. From what you said, it does not sound like something that can be fixed. I think you need to accept that it is over and move on. Let her know she can contact you if she has a change of heart, but that you are moving on with your life. Distract yourself in whatever way you can. Find a new hobby, keep yourself busy, the pain will eventually subside.

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    I do not know her or you so this is a shot in the dark.

    You know you love the hippie lifestyle…but, when you get sick with health issues I imagine it cramps your style. So, how are your finances? Are you able to travel when ill? Is the illnesses causing tension due to financial difficulties?

    Where is the tension in this lifestyle…people do not fight about nothing. what is the issue here?

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    You’re 30?! You sound and write like a 12 year old.

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    why are people so rude to the men who come on this forum? :/

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    There’s no major money problem , n we do live like this part time, we had a great history which never gonna experience again , you can’t it to these kind of thing with everyone. I know you are right, but I’m still waiting for my crazy girl n still loyal , she’s so sure about me n my love , that’s not always good .

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