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    Recently I met a Scorpio guy who showed a lot of affection towards me. He was giving me a lot of attention, we were talking on a daily basis, he told me he really likes me and at some point we started seeing each other and sleeping together. Here I would like to point out that this whole thing has been going on for only a couple of months. In the beginning he was very determined, he was trying to see me almost every day, but these were not usual dates. As our shedules are wery tight, we were mostly meeting in my or his place late in the evening. And I was fine with it. Since the beginning I got the impression (and that’s also how we defined our relationship) that this thing is rather physical and that for him it is just fun for a few months tops, as he is quite young (24). So that’s how I set my mind… and I tried to moderate it so we don’t spend too much time together and don’t get too attached, because he was way too demanding and I felt like he is invading my personal space too soon. So I was often rather cold with him. I guess I was just afraid I will get hurt… so things were going on for a few weeks until once he mentioned that he likes spending time with me and he likes me and cares about me more… I didn’t respond in the best way possible and I kind of blocked him… My point was that I don’t know him enough and I would like to do more things with him to find out. I didn’t express myself very clear tho. And the problem was that he even misunderstood what I wrote him and completely disappeared for a few days without giving me a chance to explain or to talk about it. After a few days he said that this knocked him down and that’s why he was so cold. And since then not much changed. I was trying everything possible to make things right – talk to him,meet him (he agreed, then cancelled due to work and never came up with a new date), I tried to give him space, explain myself, I even sent him a box of donuts to his office saying I’m sorry😊 But since then he is just distant. He talks to me in more or less normal way, but he only answers once in a few days while before we were talking all day every day. We even met once again (not to talk about it, just to be together for a night) but since then again – silence. So finally yesterday I told him that I’m done, that if we can’t communicate in a normal way and treat each other with respect, I’m out and I prefer to finish this whole thing, because it hurts me. And his answer was that in that case we should really finish, he apologized for treating me this way, promised he would get better with talking to me because he wants to stay in touch, he said he likes me and cares about me, but somehow I feel that I took a thorn out of his flesh by ending it, so he doesn’t have to do it himself. So now there is silence on both sides and I’m not going to initiate any more contact myself because I feel I have done more than enough… The only thing is that we still have to meet each other a few times a week as I train and dance in the same place where he works, but that’s not a place to talk about these things… But that’s fine, I’m cool with him, I would just like to understand his behavior and thinking. How can you go from having feelings and being in someone’s life to complete icing?
    I’m not looking for any comfort here or someone who would tell me what exactly is going on in his head as that’s probably impossible. I would more appreciate if someone has a simmilar experience or even an insight from a Scorpio as I really miss some talk about it with him😊
    I don’t know how is it going to be like now, so far the agreement is that we are friends and we will not be meeting anymore in order to keep our friendship “healthy”. But I still feel that this is not over, as the attraction and affection is still there. So I still think he might come back, which I would only accept if he treats me well again… But the truth is I miss having him in my life☹️
    Thank you all for your opinions!

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    Anjali duarah

    Hi….I am anjali. I think I do understand your situation what you must be going through. A similar case has happened to me recently. I met this guy who happens to be a scorpio. We met on Facebook, we had a talk about ourselves and went on to carry our conversation on watsap after our
    exchanging numbers. We started off well together. We shared our past lives too. Everything was going fine between us. Only that we didn’t get the opportunity to meet. After sumtime one day it happened my mood was not well and I sayd something which I ddnt meant to say. But spurted out but I didn’t meant anything bad or my intention was not to hurt him. Only after sumtym I realized he blocked me 4m all his social media networking. I tried calling but he wont respond. He just ignored and ultimately blocked my number too. Yeah as you say I miss him too. But he has left me forever to be alone without him for good. And the question remains….will he ever come back? ?

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    You did not meet this guy in person?

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