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    So, I’ve been speaking to a guy on/off for around a year. I met him through one of my guy bestfriends. We were flirty and messaged quite a lot at first and then we both got into relationships. We both split up and then began talking again. We get on really well and he has good banter.

    Yesterday, me and my group of friends went on a night out. This guy was also there with his group of friends. All night he was being affectionate and telling my friends that he really liked me and thought I was pretty. We end up going back to his for an ‘after party’, I stay in his room and initially we’re cuddling. He wasn’t going to try for sex he was happy just to cuddle, but I went along with it. After a great night and morning, he was still being really affectionate. Even my friends were saying he’s being really cute with me and we’d make a cute couple because he was definitely interested.

    We spoke over text this afternoon and I go to message him again around an joe later and he’s blocked me on snapchat (where we usually talk). He tells my friend he just felt ‘weird’ about the situation.

    Help, I’m so confused and really hurt by this. We were friends and got along well, and now this has happened out of the blue literally 12 hours later ??

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    This sounds terrible! I’d be shocked too!

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    You really did not know this guy, but you went ahead and slept with him anyway.
    Just because a guy is acting all nice and affectionate does not mean he wants something more.

    Sorry you are hurting, next time be more careful with your body and rein in your emotions.

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    This is teen or college crap? So typical

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    Oh, sweetie!

    First off, you sound really young- I am guessing college aged. Chalk this up to a lesson learned, he didn’t really know you as much as you think he did, and maybe he didn’t feel the sexual chemistry after he already slept with you and didn’t know how to tell you. It was easier (though shows the immaturity here) to just block you. I would chalk it up to a lesson learned, and move forward. Next time, make sure you don’t assume things, be more careful with your heart, and figure out what you want. Also, make sure you love yourself first, and are not trying to find fulfillment or happiness in a Man, cause honey that never works. Good luck..

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    He’s 17 Years old …?

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    L, can you think before spouting your rubbish on here? It may be ‘crap’ to you but the OP came looking for advice not ridicule.

    OP…i know it hurts but you need to just step back and let him get on with it. Live your life..he may turn up again or he may not but if your living life to the fullest you’ll eventually forget he even exists x

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    It’s very easy to in the moment get so carried away that you think there is chemistry and something you want to take further, but in the cold morning light you feel akward and realize it was just hormones, and you don’t want to see the other person again, especially if you’re not quite over an ex, or becoming a tad interested in someone else

    The decent thing of course is to tell the other person respectfully that sorry, you’re not feeling it and don’t wish to continue. Unfortunately, not all people do the decent thing

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    Set you sights on men, not boys

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    Having sex with him when he wasn’t even trying was not a good move. You removed all the mystery out of the situation and he doesn’t want more. His way of dealing with this (because he is an immature jerk) is blocking you. Try playing harder to get next time if you really like a guy.

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    I agree with Amanda on this

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    Luna “He wasn’t going to try for sex he was happy just to cuddle, but I went along with it.” You didn’t go along with it, you made him have sex with you from the sound of it.

    Do not do such things anymore. Be a little smarter with men, use your female instincts. Being nice and complimenting you means nothing, anyone can do that, you need to wait until he proves himself to you. Until he puts some effort into trying to get yo.

    It was still a very nasty thing how he treated you. Blocking a girl you slept with without any explanation is very nasty, he is an absolute ass, have no doubts about it here. Learn your lesson well and move on.

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