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    I broke up with my ex 4 months ago. We were highly incompatible and he never treated me right. I was always weak and needy towards him, but I was the one who broke up because of too much suffering.
    Few days ago he contacted me and wanted to get back together but I refused him. I still revealed my feelings somehow. He seemed very superficial and unaffected.
    I blocked him all over. Now I feel like contacting him, just to receive an assurance that he still cares or to simply tell him how much I miss him(although he probably already knows it). I feel to do that for my inner peace.
    What’s better: to show your feelings in front of someone just for your inner peace, or to keep silent and go on but have no peace at all? Thank you

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    Do not do it! Do you like the feeling of ripping a band-aid of your skin when a wound is trying to heal? That’s what your doing, ripping a band-aid off an open wound that hasn’t healed and exposing it to dirt, debris, and other toxins so that it can’t heal and will become infected, puss, bleed and continue to cause you pain and discomfort because your not properly taking care of it.

    You need to keep the band-aid on your heart, properly take care of it by avoiding the toxin (him) or you’ll just keep it open for further pain and discomfort. Give it time to heal and in the interim learn how to strengthen your independence, confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and set strong boundaries as they will be your best protectors against putting yourself in these hellish positions. There are a lot of good self-help books to help you get there and suggest you read, devour the information and put them into practice—-knowledge is power!

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