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    My bf and I have given it a 2nd shot at being together. He hurt me the 1st time around. Now, I’ve been the one who’s hurt him. I’ve apologized and we agreed that we were going to get through this together 2 days ago. Part of the problem has been him wanting more time with me. Yesterday, I was unable to hang out and that put him in a downward spiral. He’s attacked me nonstop via text, name called, and been emotionally manipulative. This morning, he posted for all of our friends to see that I was a narcissist and a liar. I understand hurt, but I don’t agree with him using a public forum to disrespect me. I told him he shouldn’t have done that… he says well that must mean it’s true if you’re mad about it. I’m honestly so confused at this point. No, it’s not all about me. He needs to vent, but I’m starting to feel like a punching bag. I’m scared of what he’s going to say or do next and honestly beginning to feel a bit crazy with this whole thing. Help!!

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    This is toxic…

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    Since when did this become romper room?

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    He wants attention/time with you = potentially anxious attachment style?
    You can’t give as much as he needs? he’s calling you out for being narrcistic? Potentially you’re avoidant attached?

    Either way – you both aren’t getting your needs met. he needs a partner who is closer to him, and you need a partner who can cope with less space.

    Why not end it now? Before this toxic relationship becomes entirely poison.

    Life’s too short to be anything but happy.

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    T from NY

    He’’s not hurt – he’s being manipulative.
    He’s not venting – he’s disrespecting and verbally abusing you.
    Truly. Stop making excuses for his behavior. Choose to walk away from abuse.

    PS Trust your instinct that led you to leave him the first time. He should be so dam glad to have you back he’s kissing your ask.

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    Better off single

    It seems like you must have done something really, really hurtful for him to go that far and he doesnt trust you anymore.

    Why are you scared? Do you have something to hide?

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    I agree that he’s being manipulative. This is the 3rd time in the past week that something has been posted about me. If I try to say anything or defend myself, I am accused of flipping it around. And yes, I actually have been scared. I told him that as well. Once again, it’s said that it’s just a cop out. Why am I scared? Because I’ve never dealt with a situation or person like this. The insults, barage of texts, publicly posting our business. Not only that, but I have 2 daughters.

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    Better off single

    I have 2 daughters too! Is there any way you can get out of this “relationship” and come to a mutual understanding? Do you really love the guy? Thats not love, thats a power trip. Stop trying to see the best in him and see the situation for what it is. He doesnt care about your feelings he just cares about winning and making you feel smaller than you already do. How manly.

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    You know this is a sick relationship, toxic, and not going to get better. Its time you act upon your instincts and preserve your well being and sanity. End this now as its only going to escalate and you know it. You are not equipped to handle a person like this, nor should you be—raise the white flag, surrender, and walk away for good.

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    It’s up to you how you are treated. Hes spiteful.

    This could be over if you had the guts to drop him.

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    Liz Lemon

    If you don’t know what “gaslighting” is, Google it. That’s what he’s doing to you.

    He is abusive and as others have said, this relationship is toxic. Please end this. If he is threatening you or making you feel unsafe, you can get a restraining order. Do you have friends/family who can support you during this time?

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    So just block the guy. Why all the drama? I don’t understand. If you feel threatened call the police , don’t post on a dating forum.

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