I don't know what he is coming to tell but he really loves me & said he'll wait

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    Thivya Visvalingam

    I’m 20 years old college student. I fell in love with my physics teacher who is a university student. He only proposed me & this is my first love. I started to really love him & he also the same. We share lots of things personally over the phone but we didn’t meet any where. A healthy relationship was there in last two months. But suddenly I got a bad results & I’m doing exam again. My parents ask him to teach me again. But they don’t know I fell in love with him. What happen is after his presence to our home he told that leave this for 8 months & focus in ur studies. Then I said ok. But sometimes in texts he stared to tell that “forever I’m a sir to u”. Then I got upset & ask him. Then he’ll say no I’ll wait for u;don’t ask me again.Then I stop to ask that. But mentally I’m so confused whether I don’t know is he loving me / is he ignoring me / is he going to leave me. Because his religion & my religion is different. But he told that he inform there parents. But now I’m so confused. Please help me to know what is going on his mind.

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    Thivya Visvalingam

    He didn’t send any texts in these days. My best friends are telling that he don’t want to disturb you while studying but my question is why he can’t tell me directly & explain the situation. Because I couldn’t concentrate on my subjects now. I ask him many times but all the times he’ll say I’ll wait for u. Now leave it & focus on ur studies but in texts suddenly he’ll tell to leave it; This won’t happen . When he tells that I feel so bad becaz he only gives courage & confidence that my parents will accept this. But in sometimes he is speaking like this. Y? Please help me.

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    He’s your teacher? How old are you and he?

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    Hi-If you have had sex,he may have been taking advantage of his position and your inexperience in these things. Even if you have not slept with him-it sounds like he is trying to ease out of the situation,put you off. You are hurting but until he talks to your parents or makes some type of move to have a steady and public relationship with you,I would forget him and focus on your schooling.

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    Thivya Visvalingam

    He is 29 & I’m 20 years of old. We didn’t have any relationship like sex. We truley loved.

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    Never wait for a man. If he wanted to be with you he would. District yourself with other things, and try to move on from this guy. Find another tutor.

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