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    Hi my and my boyfriend have amazing sex we make love have connections but the only problems is after we had sex and like i see his always having pleasure i heard him moaning and having orgasm but Like yesterday after we had just finish having it he immadiately started jerking himself masturbating and having a orgasm and ejaculated after that i was hurt since its not the first Time he did that he did that before not everytime we are having sex but like every now and then now i am over it normally he cum in condoms but some Times its like that when i told him yesterday he said its the condom fault too small or he is keeping himself to cum to stay longer i know he his always moaning and having best Time with me and i see it his always satisfied but i cannot get over that the fact that he need to finish himself ejaculate after removing condom when were are finish i am hurt now like i am questioning like What a the problems why do he has the need too do that from Time to Time i did not spoke to him since yesterday and now i am not sure if i would like to have sex If with him

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    I used to date a guy who had the same problem, tbh not sure if it is really a problem. But he was doing it because he was so used to masturbating that he couldn’t finish any other way. Not sure what solution here would be but I wouldn’t take it personally.

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    Some men have difficulty with condoms and find them too desensitizing. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use one (it’s good that you’re being safe!), but if it’s too tight that can definitely cause discomfort. Condoms come in multiple sizes, some are longer, some are wider, some are both and bigger all around. He should see if changing the size and maybe the brand helps. There are also thinner versions of all sizes of condoms, and he may like a larger and thinner one better. If not, him finishing after you are done having sex is one solution to both using a condom for safety and still being able to finish. Would you feel better if he finished in your hands instead of his own? You can ask him to try that next time this comes up.

    If there’s no other emotional intimacy issues and problems between you, I wouldn’t take this too personally. If you have other issues in your relationship, like maybe he is addicted to porn and can’t finish without using his hands, then it’s a bigger deal that my suggestions above won’t solve. But if it really is only that he doesn’t always finish when using condoms, keep experimenting and trying different solutions until you come up with one that works for you both.

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    Of course it’s normal. It’s not you — is that what you are worried about?

    It could just be the condoms
    It could just be that he’s used to climaxing a certain way and is stuck to that method.
    It could be a lot of things.

    Maybe find some new condoms (that could be fun — get a bunch of different ones and plan to try a new one out every time?)
    Maybe see if he can hold off on masturbating while you guys try out some different condoms. Sometimes we get used to patterns and it’s hard to break out of them.
    Maybe he should get a physical just to make sure everything is working correctly.

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