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    So I’m gonna start off my saying I know how stupid this situation is and I know I deserve better. So me and my ex were together for almost 2 years. Around 3 or 4 months before we broke up, he started talking to this new girl from class. They clicked instantly and he told me about her as soon as they met so that I wouldn’t be jealous. Well he started saying she’s his best friend after a week maybe, at which point I started getting a bit jealous. I went to university 2 hrs away from our home town and would only get to see him at the weekend and it hurt when we’d be talking on Snapchat and he sent me a photo of him and her in her car going for a ride cuz “it’s a nice day” and it hurt I’ll admit because I was sitting in my room in university just wanting to hug him. Well after that week I came back for the weekend and thought I’d surprise him so I went to his house and his mum opened and the first thing she said was “oh I thought it was (girls name)” so here the seed of him cheating on me was planted. I’ll tell you now him mum hated me and wanted to get rid of me from the start. It only got worse from then as he’d constantly hang out with her, sometimes be late to see me because she called him and needed to talk, he’d talk to her on the phone while we were hanging out. Then we met her in town and he hugged her (he hugs everyone so I didn’t think much of it) but I tried grabbing his hand and he wouldn’t let me, he didn’t introduce me and completely ignored me. After that I asked him not to hang out with her and he got mad saying I’m jealous and protective. So after that we constantly argued about her and his mum always asked how I felt about them being friends and manipulated me so much. I never told him I thought he was cheating on me because I loved him and was hoping we could fix it. Well we broke up around 2 weeks before Christmas but tried to stay friends. We talked everyday and hooked up a few times but then at new year’s he told me he got a midnight kiss and I died inside. So we stopped talking. Fast forward to a month later I get a text from him saying he wants to be friends again. I said I’m not ready cuz I still love him. Fast forward another month and he said the same thing and I reply with the same thing. The month after that the same thing happened, except this time he sent me a photo of him with that girl. So I laughed it off and tried to make a joke out of it and told him not to sleep with her to which he replied “I already have” and even though it started as a joke, it broke me. So we didn’t talk again but a month later he’d send me the text again. Then I found out him and the girl are together. Me and him started talking again recently cuz I feel ready to be friends with him and I’m seeing a new guy. So we talk about everything and we talk about the girl. So he told me he loves her and I was genuinely happy for him although it did hurt a bit. He said he never cheated on me but because we were arguing so much about her he started falling out of love with me and in love with her. That s**t hurt. But I’m basically over him and we’re good friends again. So we went out for drinks and started talking and he said he still loves me. That messed with my head because he knows if he asked I’d be willing to try again with him because we had a perfect relationship and always got on well. Well the next day he messaged me saying he loves her again. So I told him to make up his mind and he said that he can’t see himself being with me again. I thought that’s fair enough I wasn’t expecting much but I’m worried about him because he’s conflicted about which one of us he loves more but I told him I don’t wanna be a second choice again so I’d rather he chose her. So we’re planning to go out for drinks and dancing tonight but last night he got very flirty. And said he’d be up for hooking up with me again. I thought it was just playful flirting so I went along with it until he said he could come over after the club tonight. And at that point I told him I’m not gonna be a homewrecker or a doormat because he knows I still love him and is using that to get with me. Well I told him all that and I mean it but after I said it I realised I’m not completely over him and I still love him and I don’t want him to be with her even though she’s a much better pick for him than I was. I really love him and I know he’s a s**m and I know I should just stop talking to him but he’s also my best friend. So this is my situation and I don’t know how to get over him and how to stop him from flirting because it’s not the first time he’s done that but he was actually single the other times he did it whereas now he has a girlfriend and it’s the girl I thought he was cheating on me with.

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    The two of you are obviously very young and he’s not close to settling down which is why he’s acting the way he does. If you want to play his silly ego games then continue to play them. All your doing is feeding his huge ego where he gets off having two women vie for his attention and affection. Here’s a man who has two women essentially fighting for him and he’s enjoying the heck out of it! Either keep feeding his ego or stop engaging in this self induced misery and torture because he’s enjoying the heck out it.

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    Ooops meant to say “Either keep feeding his ego or stop engaging in this self induced misery and torture because he’s perfectly happy and content having two women love him while he gives nothing in return but disrespect.”

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    Better off single

    Let go of your ego and just let him go.

    HE WANTS TO BE WITH HER! She’s the better pick. His mom likes her more and despises you. It is what it is. You can’t make people like you also, choose her over you everytime.

    Get it through your thick head he is making you his doormat with you sticking around trying to be “friends” and just creating more drama for yourself.

    Let both of them go. Wish them the best be happy for them. Genuinely happy. Move on with your life. If you wanna stop being sad you have to go away from the source.

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    I don’t wanna be part of this anymore

    I wasn’t trying to be mean when I said to get it through your thick skull. He’s made it obvious what his decision is. Let them have eachother. You do deserve better. Stop being friends or acquainted however it is. I hope you see how he’s treating you like garbage. I don’t know why you want to put up with it. I wouldn’t.

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    Why you’d want to be ‘friends’ with this blatant cheeter astounds me…

    He cheets & then rubs your nose in it… Gah!

    You do deserve better- You need to expect & demand better…

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    Better off single

    She’s the best thing that’s ever happend in my life. She’s been the only positive influence and has always been there. I don’t wanna let her go. She is my best friend

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    “cheeter”? What redneck state so you come from Raven?

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