I bumped into my ex and feel like I made a fool of myself,did I ?

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    Yesterday was a beautiful day so me,my friend and her little boy went to the beach.
    I wasn’t thinking about him,or anything really.
    My friend popped for some ice cream and I was watching her son.
    I kept moving round on the towel as he is only 4 and wanted to keep a good eye on him.
    Then I seen a man and a little boy,I said to myself wow that looks so much like “him” and we were both looking at each other.
    Then I realised it was him,panicked slightly and shouted to my friends little boy to come back over and sit with me.
    My ex kinda looked around (wondering who the little boy was)
    Anyway a few mins later I looked over at him and he was looking (so he knows I was looking) then about 5 mins later I looked again and he seen me looking.
    Anyway the tide started to come in so we had to move further up the beach (he was closer at this point) we forgot a towel so I was walking back along to get it …thought I would sneak a look…he caught me looking again!!!
    I know it’s nothinv ott dramatic but I wish he hadn’t of seen me looking at him.
    All those feelings came back and I couldn’t stop myself from sneaking looks at him.
    Do you think by looking I made myself look silly?

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    If every time you looked over, he was already looking at you, who’s the one looking the most, you think?

    Just move on, nothing happened…

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    No, you didn’t made yourself look silly if he was looking at you as well

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    I don’t even know why I kept looking at him,I just couldn’t help it.

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    That is why this upset you…your feelings came back.

    This is normal and does not make anyone a fool.

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    Do you think it was possible any feelings for me from him might have came back?
    He did look over a few times,I can’t get over him being just there.
    I guess he was curious who the little boy was too.

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    Is there some reason why you didn’t say Hi to him? It seems strange that you both saw each other but neither one of you acknowledged the other. Now you’re wondering if he still has feelings for you, you think he was curious about the kid, and feelings obviously have surfaced. I don’t know how old you are but in the future remember it’s always best to be nice and take the high road. Wouldn’t it have been so much easier to just smile, say hello, nice to see you, what a beautiful day, etc. You would have felt so much better. Instead, you both acted weird. Such a waste of time and energy. And it left you feeling confused and uncertain.

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    If he calls you then feelings have come back. If he does not then whatever he feels is not strong enough to take that step.

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