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    By accident I found a kitty porn on my fiance Ipad
    I dont know what to think, Nothing sexual just a pictures of teen and young girls , when I asked him about it , he just said that it his little fetish …what I suppose to do ??!!! IS this normal ? He is my big love and he is just perfect , I am so confused
    I am 44 he is 51

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    Seriously he admitted it as a fetish?! There is a VERY high chance that this “fetish” goes a lot further than those pics. Persons with those “desires” can rarely control them – at the very least he watches a lot of real kitty porn. What should you do? RUN RUN RUN! This could only end very poorly for you. Before you go, do you know if he has access to children? Nieces or cousins? I would make sure any kids he has contact with are protected before you get out of there. If you have to tell the parents of some kids do so – don’t beat around the bush either. Just say you saw some pics and you wanted to let them know because even though you have no evidence he has done something else, one can never be too safe. This is much bigger than your romantic life right now. I know you are in tremendous pain and I am very sorry. But it is time for you to step up and be a mature advocate for those who can’t help themselves.

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    Is it actually child pornography or is it “barely legals..” girls that are eighteen, nineteen? If it’s that, I suspect most men look at that, they just probably don’t advertise that they do. That’s within the realm of normal.

    However, if these are actual children, then you need to call the police on him. That’s a crime. I don’t care how perfect he is, he is a sick puppy and needs to be kept away from children.

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    How can it be porn but not sexual? What kind of images are they? And how old are the girls in the images?

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    ‘Kitty porn?’ Isn’t a kitty a cat?

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    You understand this is illegal & prison is involved …?

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    Girls are 10 and up max 14 – 15 years old
    We have no kids or young kids around but his son and 10 years old daughter( every two weeks )
    Its not porn just pic posted by their uncles or somebody ….its some weird website
    No sexual acts or something , swimming suits etc etc
    I am just so sad and lonley , I cant share it with my friends

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    Julie, calm down. So it’s not porn. Can you be more specific about what kind of site? You aren’t making much sense.

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    I think you need to share it with the police if he has a 10 year old daughter. What you found may not be everything he’s been looking at. Even if it is all there is, he has a fetish for young girls and he has a young daughter. There’s a high chance he’s been sharing photos of her on those sites.

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    This is just the tip of the iceberg…

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    it is side from Russia , and it must be special login for it , when You go there just pictures of cites shows , its like a secret site

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    Oh dear. Not normal. Bad. Really bad. Pics of 10 to 15 year olds? It may be nonsexual poses, but if he collects these pictures, kitty porn as you say, then it is for sexual purposes. I am thoroughly creeped out and I agree with Shannon. This really does need to be reported. Regardless of what he says his involvement is, partaking in those type of sites supports shady networks and child traffiking. I’m so sorry and frankly, worried for his children. Creepy.

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    This guy is obviously fantasizing about very young girls. Pedophiles always always act on their thoughts sooner or later. DO NOT marry this guy!! Get away from him and the sooner, the better. He has psychological issues and therapy won’t help!

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    I know you are sad, but you need to tell this his daughter’s mother. This isn’t about you any more. There is almost certainly more to this story. Think about this: he is sexually fantasizing (that’s what a fetish is!) about girls the same age as his daughter. Please think of her and do the right thing.

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    Please do something official (police) on this and tell the mother.

    His children are at high risk, as well as other children. Please do not remain silent.

    And I agree with Joe….actions come next and not just photos.

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    That’s just sick. And not okay.

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    I’m going to tell you all about an experience I had meeting a paedophile. It was his fetish too. He had only ever been arrested for indecent exposure in front of young girls. He knew he had a massive problem and he actually dealt with it really well.

    Even so, he started grooming his daughter when she was 9. He’d take her to her bedroom and help with her home work, her bath and put her to bed. She thought they were cuddling but he was rubbing her body to get sexual satisfaction. He didn’t take it too far. She has no idea he groomed her. He would do things like rub her stomach and up to her chest at 9 and carried on doing that until she was developing breasts. She thought it was just the same thing and had no idea he’d been doing it from 9 so she felt it was acceptable at 13.

    He stopped at that point because he knew it was wrong. He’s a tortured man. He told me those feelings never go away ever and men like him are very dangerous.

    And that was a man whose child doesn’t even know she was groomed and sexually assaulted. I dread to think about a man who would go further.

    Anyone who has a fetish for very young girls is a paedophile. That’s the definition of paedophile.

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    Thank You All , You just confirmed my deepest fears…..
    How I report this to police ? What is the procedure , any idea ?

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    Not sure if there is any protocol, it might differ where you live, but the best thing to do is to go down to the police station and have them guide you. You’d likely fill out a report with all the details as you can report. I would assume they would be responsible for coordinating anything else (search warrant, child protetive services)but the fact is I have no idea what they do, where you live. I’ve heard horror stories where police have received several reports about a person and have done nothing. But regardless, you need to do your due diligence. Do not make him aware in any way that you will be reporting him, and do so asap, in person. Make sure you ask them questions surrounding your protection in this process (I have no idea what type of man you are dealing with). I think that’s what I would do, but would be interested to hear what others say.

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    He’s a very sick man. A pedophile. If you are in the US, contact the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s Cyber Tipliine. They are open 24/7 at 1-800-843-5678, or via the web:

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    The police won’t do anything if the children are clothed, or not committing any sexual acts.

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