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    “If it is not right then don’t do it; if it is not true then don’t say it.”
    Marcus Aurelius

    Follow this sage advice and you cannot be false to yourself or to others.

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    Better off single

    What is right?

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    Whatever is in complete accord with the law and conscience is right.

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    Oh the same Roman Caesar that instilled war the majority of his days in power? Fascinating.

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    Psychologically, knowledge is the root of disorder because it’s knowledge of the past. It’s limited based on experience, hypothesis and conclusions.

    As long as you depend for understanding of yourself on other people then you are lost.

    There is every kind of specialist out there who will tell you what to do, how raise your child, how to have sex.
    All for a few easy payments of 99.99.

    We are what we are because we depend on others-someone to tell us what to do or what to think. Which means we are being programmed all the time.

    To understand ourself there is every opportunity through relationships and discussion. If you depend on them though you are LOST.

    See the consequences of depending on others:
    “Oh the same Roman Caesar that instilled war the majority of his days in power? Fascinating.”

    Depending on governments to bring order in this chaotic world. Depending on an expert psychologist to fix your life. Our brains are conditioned. Which means it’s limited. If you depend on it you live your life with pain, anxiety, and fear.

    Each person is working separately for himself. Yeah, they will come together in a crisis like war-the moment the crisis is over we go back to the same old patterns.

    Living in disorder. Confused, uncertain, seeking our own security. Each one creating through isolation: disorder.

    Where is the law? With a police officer? A lawyer? A police officer or a lawyer will lie or protect a murder because it’s their job and the criminal will pay enormous amounts of money to keep himself out of prison.

    As long as we live in disorder-saying one thing and doing another or thinking one things and acting another way we will always be in disorder.

    As long as we are slaves to words, symbols, and ideas we won’t be able to think for ourselves or be free. The mind is only learning when it’s in a state of not knowing. You can’t discover what’s new when your mind is burdened by what’s old. All the beliefs, fears, and hidden compulsions that cause a search for security only bring anxiety. It’s better to not know.

    Is it possible to live in a world with all the complications without a single bit of conflict?

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    “But what IS truth?
    Is truth unchanging law?
    We both have truths,
    Are mine the same as yours?”

    Sager words never sung.

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