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    Been out with this guy 3 or 4 times. He’d asked me to swing by an exhibition he was exhibiting at earlier today. Popped by. Turns out the other people at his stall were his mum and his sister. (He told me this later). He didn’t bother to acknowledge my existence in front of them. Not even a “this is my friend XX.”

    I find that really rude. Am I overreacting.

    To make matters worse he was then saying let’s meet up later. You’d surely imagine that would mean for a drink or bite to eat. Instead he says, “I’ll come round to yours later,” and started making loads of sexual comments, like how he is going to “give it to me”, how he hopes I’ll be wearing just sexy lingerie etc. We’ve not even had sex.

    What on earth?

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    Just say ‘NO!’

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    I would exhibit for him….I would exhibit my back as I walked.

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    Respect yourself as the unique woman you are. This man is not worthy of you in any way. Do not give him any more of your time or attention because this is the kind of guy who will make you feel empty as he obviously has no respect for women…his mother, his sister or you. If you give him your time and more you will find your own self respect diminished increasingly. Don’t put yourself through that. You obviously recognize this guy is rude and thoughtless so you can’t feel good about rewarding him if you do. We all need to be loved. But this guy is not about love and valuing you or others apparently.
    You deserve more, much more. Have fun with friends and have a great time on your own instead.

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    How do you get rid of him? It was three dates! Move on

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    It’s called BLOCK, DELETE and IGNORE. It’s really not that hard to get rid of someone distasteful if you really want to.

    Why are you making something so simple, so complicated?

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    What a loser. I would tell him off and block him. You are not even considering going out with this guy are you? He sounds like a predator. Just assuming he can drop by your house to have sex, WOW.

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    Had a guy like this text me at 3am asking me where I live. Block his number.

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