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    Hi guys! I have a great job doing what I love but in a city that I hate. I live in Miami, and it’s a great place for partying but I’m looking to settle down. It’s very hard to meet guys with on that page and I am considering moving to a more laid back city within the next year. I have been on countless Tinder and Bumble dates, and trust me when I say it’s been quite the adventure. While I’m chasing my career and doing what I love, I feel like I’m behind the curb when it comes to dating. Since I’m definitely moving, I don’t mind dating somebody long distance, but my question is where do I start? My girlfriends have had great Tinder experiences in DC, Dallas, and Chicago, so I’m just curious if I should start pursuing those options. What are your thoughts?

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    If you’re asking for what cities to date in, the closer, the better. If you’re asking in general if long-distance dating is a good idea, it’s not (IMO).

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    Does your career afford you the ability to move anywhere? Is money an issue? Because some real great places also cost some real great money. do some research online about demographics and dating, there has to be tons of info out there.

    And if I were you I would make the move first and then look for a boyfriend. LDR’s rarely work and unfortunately alot of men looking for LDR s are already in a relationship, so the distance makes it easy to carry on two separate lives.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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