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    So I found this guy on dating app and after a week of flirting through chat, we decided to meet. We kissed, talked a lot and I ended up bringing him home. I refused to have intercourse because I’m inexperience, a virgin and not well prepared on that day, especially I was having period and had no energy due to it. But then I gave him bj and vice versa (I was surprised as I was bleeding, didn’t expect he’d go down there) and spent some time to cuddle. It was so fun and we giggled all the time with lots of kisses and hugs. The pillow talk was nice too but I stated to him that I don’t do boyfriend. I want to experience him and want him to come over again to have a real sex but if it’s the last encounter, I’m fine as well. He just murmured vague answer but when he was about to leave, he said we should grab some coffee later.
    After he left, he sent me a goodnight text and I replied it in the morning with a good morning text. He simply replied my greeting and I don’t reply such a simple text, plus I’m not into texting that much.
    I am very much aware that I like his presence but am not interested in relationship, as I’m leaving the country in a month. I like the way we flirt and have fun, but kind of surprised how he could be this distant after that night. Okay, he could be distant because of that biological thingy. But, I always want to be clear and already told him what I want. When I should ask him for the coffee promise? He did mention that he’d be busy this week. Should I just ignore him till he contacts me first, though it means I have to wait in uncertainty in this short period of time (and I hate it because I don’t play games)?

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    So he drank your blood? Charming.

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    If you plan on leaving in a month and want something no stings attached then just reach out to him.

    I see no reason to over think this.

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    He said it’s clean but I think it’s a lie, there was clearly some blood on my pad.

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    So sad….

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    This was way too much for a first date- I would focus on getting ready to go back to your country in a month

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    Just go get a dude wherever you’re going to after the one month.

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    Hi Jennie,

    Why would you want to lose your virginity to a man you’re never going to see again?
    Was he drunk when he went down on you? If he was, he might be a bit grossed out…

    I wouldn’t pursue this but if you really really just want sex with this guy then text him. Just don’t feel crap if he rejects you.

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