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    So I met a guy. We had 5 dates and he was great. We connected on a friend level, he was very interesting. Anything “physical” just felt kind of fun. Zero emotional connection.

    I kept seeing him because our dates were so nice and he kept asking me. I get the impression he is a little lonely and so am I. We both are lacking friends that can/will do the things we enjoy.

    He message me last night that he just didn’t feel the chemistry, and I agreed but offered that he was nice to spend time with. We texted a little and basically went right back to where we were, which were friendly texts.

    I would honestly be very happy for him if he mentioned that he met his “dream girl”, so I really do have no feelings for this guy and I don’t think they are ever going to be there. I’d like to continue the friendship though. Do you think there needs to be a waiting period or can we just move forward as friends, meet as friends and talk as friends, which is basically what the whole of our 6 weeks of dating felt like?

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    You already are friends.

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    it’s only been 5 dates and you both agree you don’t feel chemistry. I see no reason for a waiting period as that is for people who have feelings for the other and need time to get over it to truly be friends. You would be quite happy if he found someone.

    My only caution would be that if you two don’t have a lot of friends and do start to spend a lot of time together to keep each other company this may keep you from getting out there and making more friends and meeting the man of your dreams.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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