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    Anon 303

    This guy I went on a few dates with cancelled our proceeding date and general interaction by text. So I then texted him back, accepting his close of our interaction and briefly my own perspective on his treatment of me.

    A few hours later, he accidentally called my number and immediately hung up after maybe one ring. I kind of figured the call was a mistake so I had not even picked up. I suspect that meant that he was originally trying to block my number when clicking on my name, but accidentally called me.

    A few weeks later (after not at all contacting him in between), I was considering whether there had been miscommunication between us. So I texted him briefly about whether we could have a phone call to clear the air. However, I did not get the “Delivered” confirmation on my text, unlike I usually do.

    Does this mean he has blocked my number?

    I’m going to contact him another way anyway, but am just curious. Another poster on this forum mentioned that there is usually a notification of being blocked in a text conversation when the recipient has blocked the sender.

    Both the guy and I have iPhones and the AT&T service and live in the United States.

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    Why are you even going to waste your time contacting this man another way?? You only went on a few dates, you’ve already given him a piece of your mind on how he treated you. You contacted him WEEKS later and got no response, haven’t you heard the expression beating a dead horse? Please block HIM and move on!!

    And there is no text notification if you get blocked. But there have been several time when I was reading a text from someone I accidently called them instead because of how my phone is set up. It means nothing. Please get some self respect and leave this guy alone. He doesn’t want to clear the air with you, it was only a few dates it’s been weeks, and you will look psycho!!

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    He has made it clear that he no longer wants to be in contact with you.
    Calling on another number gives off the crazy woman who can’t get the hint vibe.

    Why would you even want to reach out to someone you suspect blocked you?

    Please raise your standards.

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    Anon 303

    I had meant to write:

    “I’m NOT going to contact him another way anyway.”

    Sorry for the typo.

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    T from NY

    The three reasons an iPhone would NOT show ‘Delivered’ underneath a text you sent are: the persons phone is dead or powered off, the person is out of cell phone coverage range, or they have blocked your number.

    If it’s one of the first two reasons I described — the person will receive your message when they charge or power on their phone or when they get back into coverage. If they have you blocked and keep you blocked for a period of time — they will not get your messages even if they unblock you.

    If you attempt to call an iPhone where your number is blocked the number would just ring and ring or would go directly to voicemail — though the person would not receive the voicemail. (There is a folder in iPhone voicemail that keeps blocked voicemails).

    I’m sorry this happened to you if you didn’t deserve it. I found out all of the above because a guy I wasn’t dating for a month got pissed I wouldn’t sleep with him on our 6th date — so blocked me after I left his house one night! My gut just kept telling me I maybe couldn’t trust him. My gut was right! It’s a real coward of a man who can’t just tell a woman to bug off. Chin up and forget about the loser.

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    You lost me in your first sentence. It was a few dates and you accepted his close of your interaction. Are you sure you live in US? Worst explanation ever.

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    Anon 303

    Yes, I accepted his decision to no longer date me. I replied by agreeing and briefly telling him my side of the story.

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    Your side? He didn’t like you.

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