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    So my boyfriend gets upset if I ever ask him a question pertaining to cheating. We’ve been together almost three years. Tonight I said, you won’t ever chat on me, right? He got annoyed and said, I don’t understand where that question can from. Why do you ask me that type of stuff. It turns into an argument until I just told him I’m going to go to bed. Then we ended the conversation.

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    He didn’t want to lie to you outright so he answered the question with a question.

    If he looked away while answering, he doexnt care about you & he’s hiding something.

    Good luck with this one.

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    I mean, it is a pretty silly question to ask. What do you expect him to do, say yes? Has he given you any reason not to trust him? If not, I don’t blame him for being annoyed. I think you might be creating drama where none exists.

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    Why are you trying to pick a fight …?

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    yeah why are you trying to pick a fight? anyone would get irritated..

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    Well he was never going to answer yes so why ask? If you’ve asked him this sort of thing before then he is probably just a bit fed up of it!

    Don’t listen to Jenny’s advice though- i have no clue how she reached that conclusion!

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    What are you hoping to achieve by asking this? If someone is going to cheat they don’t usually give you a heads up first! It sounds like you have a need to control him, and whether that is from your own internal anxieties or from something he’s done only you know. Generally the advice given on here which is most helpful is to focus on yourself – a lot of relationship issues arise when someone is focussing far too much on what the other person is doing or not doing. So do that instead of worrying about this pointless drama.

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    Liz Lemon

    Every time you ask him that, you are showing him you don’t trust him. I would be annoyed if I were him too. As other people have said, how is he supposed to answer a question like that? Do you think he’s gonna say yes? Even if he he were going to cheat on you, he’s not gonna announce it to you.

    Either you trust him or you don’t. Either you think he’ll cheat on you, or you don’t. Has he ever cheated on you? If not, then you are needlessly creating drama. If he has cheated, then you two either need to work through it so that you can feel secure in the relationship again, or end the relationship. But what you’re doing now is pointless and petty.

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    Agree with the others here. I can certainly see how if he’s not cheated ever how this would become rather annoying after a while. Why you still persist though is another question.

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    If you’re feeling insecure, having trust issues, phrasing the question like that may be the worst way to address the issue.

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