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    I’ve just been on date. A really nice guy, attracted to him but not sure if we could be compatible from things he said about himself, his future plans so I wasn’t blown away but i did enjoy the time we spent together.

    So we walked back to our cars and this is the bit i struggle with… how do you say goodbye? It just feels so awkward- we’ve chatted non stop for 4 hours and then we’ve done this awkward shuffle, hug cheek kiss thing. He said something like “it was great to meet you” and i said you too … then as he walked away he said something like: “chat soon” or later.

    I’ve no idea whether that was a throw away comment or not but my date with him isn’t the point. The point of my post is I’d like some advice on ending dates because i just feel stupidly awkward, i dont have a clue what the guys think, I’m not sure if I’ve come across as interested or not, will they assume I’m not and that’s that and blah blah blah… i just can’t seem to work out a way that says bye and communicates I’m interested without seeming too keen.

    I worry i just come across as indifferent. When I’ve been on dates and i have no interest i don’t have this issue on saying bye … i say “it was nice to have met you” and a brief hug. This guy today said something similar to my brush off bye … but then chat later as well.

    I don’t know why I’m so awkward at this! Any tips would be appreciated!!

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    If I’m not interested in seeing them I just end it with a “nice meeting you”. If I am interested, I let the guy take the lead. Sometimes if I’m not sure if I came off as indifferent and I like him, I’ll send a follow up text thanking the guy for a nice evening. If he’s genuinely interested back, then this shouldn’t turn them off. Usually if the date went really well, they’ll message me first anyway.

    I think the “chat later” may have been just been force of habit. I feel some people say that in lieu of “goodbye”. Did he even contact you after? If not, why even worry about it?

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    Hi Daisy,

    Im not worried about it. It was a day time date and I’ve been home a couple of hours and not waiting for this guy to text.

    Its just i was thinking about how awkward i feel at the end of a date so wondered how others go about it. I really don’t like putting myself out there first. I find day dates more awkward at ending…

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    At this early stage I’d let him take the lead. If he’s interested to see you again he’ll contact you. If not at least you had a nice time.

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    There really is no right or wrong way other than saying “thank you, I had a nice time” or “It was nice meeting you” and let the guy end the date, and just follow his cues. If he goes in for a hug, or a kiss, or does nothing, don’t worry about because it means nothing as he probably already made up his mind about you prior to saying good bye no differently than you do the same with men.

    If he’s interested he will set up as second shorty after the first if they are keen (men have a ‘three day rule’ lol), if not….next!

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