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    jennifer lechodores

    Me and this guy dated for a year and then he decided he caught feelings for another girl and now their dating and he told me we should just be friends. This really hurt and its only been a day and Im tired of feeling like this. This is my first real breakup ever and I dont really know where to start. I really like him still and we were extremely close. I havent been able to leave the house all day, he still tries to talk to me like a friend but whenever we talk I cant help but break down and cry. He tried to be nice and set me up with his best friend but i dont know if it would be healthy for me to start talking to someone again this soon. Also does he wnat to be my friend or is he just saying that? I don’t know what to do and I was hoping some ways to “win” the breakup and get over him and live my life. Please Help!

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    You poor girl, I totally feel for you and it is abdolutely normal to feel hurt and confused right now.

    It’s only been a day and the wound is super raw! Please, please take this advice. Forget about a friendship with him. Go absolutely no contact and try and help yourself to get over this.

    It is going to take time, but one day at a time is the best way. You can’t get over a heartbreak if you don’t allow yoyrself to heal and keep trying to be friends with the guy you’re grieving over. One day at a time…cry, talk to friends, vent in the mirtor, write down your feelings…all of this are ways to help YOU! I promise, it will pass.

    Take care x

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    Staying friends with the guy you like isn’t gonna help you to get over him. Tell him you aren’t able to do the friend thing, then go no-contact.

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    Better off single

    Live your life. That’s how you get over it. Let go of the drama in your head.

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    his loss just forget him

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    A year is a long time to date someone so you can’t expect to be over it in one day!! And being your first breakup from a real relationship it’s definitely going to hurt for awhile especially since he immediately started dating another girl.

    You need to give yourself some time to feel sad, listen to breakup songs, eat ice cream and chocolate, binge watching romantic movies…but then after a couple days. STOP. The pity party is over and you will pick yourself up and realize you don’t want any guy who doesn’t want you!!

    Tell him you can’t talk to him as a friend right now and definitely do not under any circumstances start dating his best friend!! What a recipe for disaster that would be!! You are perfectly right you don’t need to start talking to someone new so soon.

    It may not feel like it now but one day you will look back on this and realize it happened for a reason, he wasn’t the guy you were meant to be with and when that guy comes along this guy will pale in comparison!!

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    What kind of guy would break up with a girl and then offer to hook her up with his friend??? Good riddance to the p.o.s!!

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    Honestly this is so sh!tty of him to do this to you. And to suggest hooking his friend up with you is disgusting!!!

    Do not be friends with this douche. Be relieved that now you know who he truly is. You have the right to be angry and sad but do not show him any reaction. If he sees you’re not bothered and have moved on he will eat his own balls!!! Please never talk to this man again.

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    he sucks forget him, only get with his friend if u genuinely want to.

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    dont contact him tell him u just cant

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    Ahh poor girl, your female ego was smashed into pieces and he also rubbed it in too, offering to set you up with his best friend. Very disgusting, I agree.

    Do not talk to him, you would only humiliate yourself. This idiot doesn’t even realize how hurtful it is for you to hear that he is willing to set you up with someone. How can anyone be that insensitive.

    Friendship for him would mean an ego boost from you. His ex is dying over him while he is on top of the world with a new gal.

    Do not give him this satisfaction. You can’t be friends with him for a long time, he hurt you badly. It would take a while for you to heal. But once you do, you;d be GLAD he is gone. Right now you can’t possibly agree with that and won’t even hear it, but it will happen. You will be GLAD, because once you restore your self esteem, you’d bounce back and see him for what he is, a shallow insensitive dork.

    There is also this factor. He is a jumper, they can never stay attached to any one person. If you cut all ties to you, he’d start missing you, his ego would also be pinched, as he expects you to cry and beg. If you cut him out of your life completely, he’d get very anxious. He’;d try to contact you, and if oyu are still unavailable, then he’d really feel the pang. The new relationship is great because you are still there. In his life. Once he understands that he lost oyu for good, it won’t take long for his new relationship to sour. If you were close together for a year and then suddenly he jumped. Then this is what you need to do. Cut him out completely if you have strength. You’d be glad that you did later, you’d be very glad.

    Do not let one dork ruin your self esteem, this is justy one dork.

    His best friend is also a piece of work. He was willing to start dating you right after your BF dumped you! people these days. No empathy whatsoever, total inability to project how another person might be feeling.

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    jennifer lechodores

    I tried doing the no contact rule but he tries to talk to me during my classes and i i pass him in the halls he tries to talk to me i try to ignore him but i don’t want to be rude, but the good news is im doing better and i’m starting to realize i can live without him it just hurts a lot. thank you and please keep giving advice xoxo – jen

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    If you guys are still in school then clearly this is what young boys do. They pass the girl that they no longer want among their friends. Do not be that girl.

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    A broken heart is akin to a broken leg where only TIME will eventually heal it. It will probably take at least a month or two before you stop thinking of him less and less but you cannot properly heal with him in your life! The best antidote for a breakup is that you MUST go no contact! As hard as it is, you MUST remove all traces of him especially social media, to properly heal and get through the pain no differently than a cast helps a broken leg heal. The more you keep talking, checking on, seeing or thinking of him the harder it will be to stop hurting…up to you in how fast you want the pain to end.

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    forget him

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