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    So there is this guy who I have been texting and snapping with for almost 3 weeks now. We talked on the phone one evening for 90 minutes. I really like this guy. But our situation is kinda difficult to start dating.

    We live about 90 minutes by car away from each other (I can’t even drive but he can). We’re both in high school, he’s 18, I’m 17. We both attend a seminar that is only about 7 times per semester (don’t expect me to explain what kind of seminar that is) and it is in a town that kind of is in the middle of the route between us. We’ve met in person 3 times at the seminar by now. He won’t be going there anymore but probably will move to another town from the upcoming summer semester if he gets accepted at the university there, which he probably will. I will still go to high school till summer and finish my a-levels. He will also finish his somehow. Now that town is like 4 hours away from where I live.. These are the facts.

    I think he likes me, too. Otherwise, he would’ve stopped texting me, right? (Don’t worry, I pay attention to not texting him more than he texts me so I don’t come across as needy.) And he compliments me from time to time. The flirting started per text and that was all after we saw each other three times at the seminar. There we also didn’t have much conversation, he just complimented me once.

    Now I don’t know if I should keep flirting with him and wait till he asks me out or if I should let him go because we don’t know each other that well yet and it would be hard for us to date.

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    Better off Single

    If it’s going to be hard to date, you’re probably better off cutting it off now to save yourself the heartache later.

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    I know right? It’s just.. he’s really hot and seems like the prefect guy. And I think he likes me. When do I find someone like him again?

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    Oh Honey, you’ve got your entire life ahead of You…

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    Yeah but I finally wanna date someone! And I have to start somewhere right?

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    You do!
    But chasing after a guy who is long distance isn’t a good way to start…

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    I am curious, what type of seminar is it?

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    He’s long distance but he’s perfect dang it…

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    okay so we’re musicians and there is a music university we go to while going to school. It’s a pre-college. We get weekly lessons with our instruments and then we have these seminars with music theory, music history and so on..

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    Better off Single

    It’s just.. he’s really hot and seems like the prefect guy

    I have been down this road many, many, many, times. The fantasy is never as good as the reality. He could be totally different then you imagine him to be and you possibly might not like it.

    When do I find someone like him again? It’s a surprise.

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    How exciting!
    What instrument do you play?

    Dating a musician if you’re also a musician is challenging!

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    But I’ve been searching for years and those years were lonely. Also, you don’t know him. He’s not just some handsome guy.

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    I play the violin.

    I’ve heard that many times, especially from my mom … But I won’t do Music as a living, I wanna do medicine

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    I don’t mean to be patronizing…
    You’re 17 years old- Exactly how many years have you been searching?

    You will go to college, Med School & all of the stuff in between… You’ve got your entire awesome life ahead of You!

    Aren’t there any guys closer to practice on?

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    Been searching for about 4 years and sure, I still have time but in order to have a healthy fulfilling relationship in the future, I need some experience. And nope, there’s no one around.

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    okay maybe 3 years

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    You want the dating experience but with this guy you probably won’t get it – as he is likely going away. I know how hard it is to find the special person with whom you click and it always seems like you’ll never meet anyone like that.

    The thing is – you will (I’m double your age, been there, thought the same).

    Did he ask you out or are you just messaging back and forth? If a guy is really interested, he would be trying to see you. Some people just like the texting/attention but don’t want anything beyond that.

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    Just texting back and forth. But he is in the town right now, that he will be studying in because he had his audition today.

    Then again, he did say he would come to a short performance of mine in three months if he is not busy that day.. I don’t expect him to come though because what I play is really short and not that spectacular. And he would have to drive for a long time.

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    I have an update: We were talking on the phone last night and he asked me out! We’re gonna meet in the town where we meet in the middle, which means I need 1,5 to 2 hours to be there. He asked if I could come today already but I said I had an appointment because that was too quick for me, I need to be mentally and physically prepared :’D. He said we could meet next week some time.. My problem is: Of course the distance and time it takes. I mean, up to 4 hours travel time in total and the time we spend there. What do I tell my parents? Mom, I’m just gonna go to that town to have a date with some musician and then come back after about 7 hours. I have a trauma because back when I was 12, I tried to go to a date with my first love and my mom found out and immediately made me break off contact with him, took my phone away and stuff.. Okay, I was pretty young and now I’m 17. But I have a-levels coming up and should be studying all the time to get into med school, so my mom probably won’t be happy. I’m scared she might ruin this if I tell her. Plus, she always says: Never date a musician.. So maybe I should lie and tell my mom, I’m at my best friend’s house? I really wanna go on a date with this guy.

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    So we finally have a date. Next week on Friday in a boat restaurant in that town “between us”.
    I am really looking forward to it. Can you guys give me some first date tips if you have any?

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    What did you tell your Mom?

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    I just told her

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    Omg! This is too funny lol! Have fun on your date :)

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    it sounds sweet. first love ..infatuation.. enjoy your date..

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    I’m glad you were honest with your Ma…

    Look Great-
    Smell Great-
    Be Yourself-
    Have Fun!

    What instrument does he play?

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