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    Okay so this guy and I have known each other for years. When we were way younger, I could tell he had a crush on me but for a couple years after we didn’t talk much, grades 6-10 are a odd time, but I always got a head nod or some form of recognition when we saw each other. Around 11th grade we started talking a bit more and it went more sexual than anything, fwb digitally. Not bragging on this but he would always come back to me when his serious relationship girlfriend wasn’t making him happy. That went on for a couple of years then he got engaged to somebody. That fell through and we started talking again. We hook up here and there chase neither of us wanted anything serious. We were talking today and he brought up how we met and the time when he had a crush on me. I don’t know whether he was just trying to be funny or if he is developing some feelings or something. Also, weird thing but he and I have never kissed and he said something about making out before the last time we hooked up. That was a bit odd. Idk. I guess I’m just wondering what you guys think and if I should just ignore those things.

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    I think;
    You’re searching for meaning in meaningless things. Grade School, come on!

    Ignore & move on.
    You’re a time filler, but mostly wasting time…

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    All I see reading this is you’ve known this guy for years and during that time he’s had serious relationships and an engagement and not ONCE has he asked you out on an actual date or shown any interest in you other than a “sexting” video buddy. You want to brag you were his backup girl for getting off? That’s pretty sad. If he can have an actual relationship with other women he could have one with you. He just doesn’t want to.

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    Bre Me

    Just ignore them. He probably just wants to test the waters with you since he has known you for a while and have never been deeply intimate. Since he’s a fwb you always wanna take everything they say or do lightly. His connection to you is merely sex, so he’s thinking maybe if yall kiss there will be a deeper sexual connection.

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    you’re in a Backburner relationship..like Raven said a “time filler”

    No future for the two of you…in his mind, you’ve been put in the backburner slot for good

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    Mary (OP)

    These are the kind of replies I need. Maybe not so rude like some are but I need those reminders that it’s nothing serious. We both went into the fwb relationship knowing neither of us wanted anything serious. My emotions are just wanting to get the better of me. It’s just some things he’s saying is off course from what it used to be so it’s throwing me off.

    So keep reminding me! Rude or not.

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    This site has no shortage of rude posters.. the ones you got today are not rude at all … plain simple views without sugar coating

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    Hey snowflakes LOL if you can’t take any negative feedback then don’t ask for advice. You can’t seriously expect everyone on this forum, women who volunteer their time to help others, to tip toe around your hyper sensitive fragile egos. Learn how to take criticism and how to benefit from it.

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    You think these answers were rude?!

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    I didn’t say all the replies were rude. It was mainly just a part of one that bothered me but it only partly bothered me. Cause it seemed like they didn’t read the dang post. Obviously said I WAS NOT BRAGGING about being a side piece or crap, I was just saying it happened. Idk. It’s all bull anyway. I don’t know why I posted on here anyway. But maybe i should keep it to remind me that he’s a pos anyway.

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    This guy is keeping you from finding a guy that suits you, so you are wasting time crushing on this guy. If you are having sex with him now and then, just stop. Its that simple. And remember that you cant sext a guy into a relationship. Thats not how guys fall in love. Youre better of reading on how to date and recognize guys that are into you. Like this site has numerous good articles. Thats time better spend than Fortune telling on this guy

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    So my response is the one you found rude? Essentially when someone starts off a sentence with “Not bragging on this but..” it means they are about to brag about something. You think it’s some kind of compliment to you he would always come back to you in between girlfriends or during relationships when it’s not. All it means is you let him come and go in your life whenever he wanted and always let him come back for FWB. As some of the others said you’re the back burner chick. This isn’t some romantic comedy where the guy eventually realizes you two were meant to be together. You’ve never been together, this is only sex and it will only ever be sex because you make it easy. The fact you think him wanting to make out with you before you hook up means he’s developed feelings for you is sad. If this guy showed up and just wanted to spend time with you and get to know you and take you out and treat you nice and didn’t want sex THEN you could think some feelings were developing.

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    Thanks guys for helping me keep my head on straight! Pushed the truth in my face where I needed to see it instead of letting my mind go into fantasy land. But!!!! I still want to emphasize that I wasn’t bragging, simply stating the fact of what happened between us in the past. And I didn’t think saying I wasn’t bragging was gonna make it seem like I was.

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    jessica j

    If he wanted something with you it would’ve happened by now. Move on. This is a waste of time.

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