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    So I was seeing a guy for 8 months we made plans for the future i did so much with him but we had a lot of arguments and he would break up with me every time I would chase he would come back then be gone again. The last time we broke up in Dec he told me that he was emotionally unavailable and he needed to work on him self and that he’s no use to anyone..I finally let him go and I’ve been in no contact for 3 weeks. Today I find out from a bill we share that he has paid for a dating site premium membership (an upgrade for a week). I don’t know weather to laugh or cry or to even message him and to ask him why he lied about not wanting a relationship to me and kept ending it to now be on a dating site..I been in the hope we may work things out in the future too.

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    Let him go.
    He was using the “emotional unavailable” excuse to break up with you. Don’t even bother questioning him about it. You won’t be happy or satisfied with whatever reason he’s going to give you.

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    Devil’s Advocate

    Leave it alone. Just because a man is on a dating site doesn’t mean he’s looking for a relationship or that he’s emotionally available. It’s usually about finding easy sex!

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    You were “seeing” him for 8 months. He blew hot and cold and wouldn’t commit yet you share a bill with him???? SMH. Some women need to seriously wise up

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    You’ve only been together 8 months and he’s dumped you several times?! Why do you chase him to come back? Aren’t you sick of being rejected yet?

    He’s not into you enough sadly. No one in real life when they’re being honest says they’re emotionally unavailable or need to work on themself. They’re buzz words used to make someone feel better they’re being dumped. In my day it was “it’s not you, it’s me”, which essentially meant “I’m not into you”. This man is telling you the same.

    Please let him go for your own self esteem and sanity.

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    Start brand new with someone new. Y’all took each other for granted and there is no repairing that.

    Let him live his life. You have the same permission to live yours.

    8 months seems like a lot now but in time you’ll see you saved yourself huge heart aches.

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    It is ridiculous how the whole world is repeating like parrots those stupid terms someone coined and then search engines pushed it down our throats.

    Emotionally unavailable!! What does it even mean? You turned into a robot? Everyone has emotions and everyone is experiencing tons of emotions on a daily basis. Some are shallow and insignificant and some are such that we can’t forget them years later.

    Those terms are BS code words. It means he is not into you. That’s all it means.

    When a man sees you on a regular basis but says he is “not ready for a relationship”, it means he is not ready for a relationship with YOU but does not mind using you for sex and fun times.

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