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    I came back into contact with someone I dated but it didn’t really let to something as he was still grieving a past relationship. However we seriously had a great time few months back and amazing sexual chemistry aswell so sometimes I thought about him. We got back in contact just asking what‘s up and stuff and it came about that we wanted to meet up. Well then on the day we wanted to meet I didn’t heard from him? Texted and he had a excuse and said he‘s sorry but he didn’t even tried to reschedule, I guess he realized I am disappointed and said sorry and that he would rather be with me. I said I feel a little played to be honest and he said he can understand that, cannot blame me for that and I said well if you cancel on someone I expect to be cancelled on on time! And name another day because like wtf my time should be respected. So obviously he is not honest and now I think about it why are people not honest? Why don’t they just say I am not interested in meeting up or whatever! Just be honest with people!

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    Better off single

    Some people hear and understand what they want to.

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    Better off single

    When was the last time you were not honest?

    White lies are dishonest.

    Making a promise and not keeping it…dishonest

    Pretending to be someone else…not honest.

    Telling someone something not really happening and convincing them it really is…manipulative and dishonest

    Playing games to purposely contradict someone or make them doubt or question themselves…cruel and not honest

    I’ve told lies and made dealbreakers on purpose to another party to get him to give him a taste of his own medicine and leave me alone…not honest, foolish, and didn’t work. It just made him really mad and took it out on me.

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