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    I’ve been seeing this guy for over a month now , everything was going fine until I went on vacation . Now am the one doing most of the calling and FaceTiming , I sent him a message telling him how I felt he doesn’t care anymore because he doesn’t call or text except I do and he just read the message and didn’t reply . It’s been about a day now and I see him posting stuff on social media so I know he isn’t too busy to reply .
    I’m not sure what to do now , do I text him again or just let him be and move on .
    Also I left some of my things at his place do I send him a message now to tell him I’ll arrange for someone to pick my things up or do I wait until I get back to town .

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    What’s the actual timeline here, if you dont mind sharing? how long have you been seeing him before going on holiday? how long have you been gone and when will you return. When did you last hear from him? And when you say you did all the contacting was that only during your time away or before that as well?In any case i would wait a few days for now until contacting him for your stuff.

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    Hi Alvi,

    We’ve been seeing for about 6weeks before I went on holiday .
    I’ve been gone for about 7 days and I’ll be back home in 3 days .
    We kind of talked yesterday ( he went out with a friend I guess and he posted it on social media and I sent him a message saying “you’ve taken a girl out huh “( we always joke about stuff like that ) I expected his reply but it took the whole day for him to reply and then when he did I didn’t see the need in replying , so he sent a message about how I ignored his text and that was when I told him how I felt about him not calling and texting except I do and he just read it and didn’t reply .
    Only during my time away , he would always call me before then , he usually would call about twice a day except he’s really busy then he’ll call just once .

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    I would step back for now and let him lead!!dont jump to any conclusions just now! Your “thing” is still very fresh and might go either wat! Just leave it be for now and try to take your mind of him!If you havent heard from him within the next week then contact him! I assume you dont have anything of value at his place?

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    I see. Just wait a couple more days to contact him. It does seem odd he would ignore you but as the previous poster said dont jump to conclusions now. But be prepared that this wont go anywhere!

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    Better off single

    I think you should move on. Or say something like

    “Stop wasting my time.”

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    Nothing of value , just cloths .
    Also the plan was for him to pick me up at the airport when I get back .
    Do I wait a few days and ask him or wait to see if he contacts me and if he doesn’t I’ll find my own way home .

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    I would back off, enjoy what’s left of your vacation and try not to think about it. If the plan was that he’s supposed to pick you up and then he doesn’t, I think that shows a lot about his character. And with that being said, assume that’s what may happen and make alternate arrangements to get home, just in case.

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    You are trying way to hard to get in contact with him. What is so important you have to FaceTime him for while you are on a holiday. You are acting like a gf while you only know him for 6 weeks. I get it, i really do, but guys tend to totally freak out when you make them the center of the universe which is what you are doing. Plus you also texted him about hom being with a woman. Even if these were jokes from ypu not very long past, this looks over the top.
    You should totally back off and find you way back home which im sure you are capable off. You really have to leanr to be more chill in the early phase of a relationship and have some fun on your holiday. You will find out how he feels if he reaches out again

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    I agree that you are trying way to hard to impress him v. the other way around. What probably happened is that he didn’t really ‘miss you’ enough and with that he started checking out.

    I know you thought you were being the ‘cool girl’ by trying to be jokey but I don’t think that’s how it was received, you were acting overly territorial, and it was just one more reason for him to be turned off by you. When you’re doing all the initiating and a man say’s “you didn’t text me back” its his way of saying ‘I’m going to find ways and reasons to turn her off’ thereby expressing how he really feels, laced in criticism, without coming out and saying it.

    When a man starts ignoring you, the best step to take is to ignore him back and see if he steps back in naturally, if not, you ignore him forever.

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    Don’t ‘tell’ – Show him…

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    he knows when you are getting back. pls do not break off on an impulse. wait it out. let him get in touch. infact step back totally and for the next few weeks let him initiate all contacts with you. you would surely know what to do after few weeks.

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