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    Okay, so basically my Instagram account is public and 2 weeks ago this weird account started following me. It was a new account made and just had 1 post and the bio was like “I’m a trash man, followed by trashy people and dm’ed by even trashier people”.

    I didn’t pass any remarks off this account but just a few minutes ago I was going through my account unfollowing accounts I wasn’t interested in anymore and at the end it showed me recommendations on who to follow and I seen my ex’s name (we’re only broken up about 1 month, but I want to be to clear that I have no intention and deffinitly don’t want to get back with him. I’m so much happier without him) anyways, I was curious about the account and checked it out and I seen the bio and was like ‘OMG I remember this account’. Also the account doesn’t follow me anymore.

    Now my question isn’t really trying to figure out if he still likes me or is he stalking me. It’s more,

    If you were stalking an ex would the account being public or private make you more interested in knowing what they were up too?

    I like the thought of him checking out my Instagram to see how I’m doing, or what I’m up too because I’m doing good and he hurt me a lot! So I wouldn’t mind having the thought that he misses me or regrets breaking up with me… It makes me feel good about myself, boosts my ego.

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    Absolutely nothing you do now should have him or his hypothetical interests in mind. We do not know him, so we have no idea.

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    And if you keep it open, for god sakes do not do anything that looks thirsty. Hot pictures of you out – thirsty, going to places you two went – thirsty, comments on how awesome you are doing or lessons you have learned – thirsty, you with a man of any type – thirsty, breakup quotes – thirsty, anything about bands you both like or he introduced you to – thirsty.

    Basically, almost anything on social media that has him in mind is thirsty

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    Better off single


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    Once you rid this guy, you’ll be able to move on…
    Remove him from your Insta-

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