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    okay so basically

    I’m super close friends with this one girl and i’ve told her i’ve had a crush on her a while back when i was drukn and she seemed super interested in the topic and all, since then she’s been kinda touchy-feely at parties and clubs, even to the point where she kissed me drunk the other night, but nothing tooooo sexual, etc etc

    So we’re going to this festival with 4 other friends in a week and we booked 3 double beds for the 6 of us, and the same night we kissed she straight up said she’d wanna sleep with me rather than anyone else during our stay (don’t think she was hinting at anything toooo sexual but idk)

    So I’m here to ask if anyone has any tips or anything to kinda encourage her into having sex when we’re there (also im still a virgin lmao)

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    Yeah sure… come ask a group of women how to use this girl for sex. What a ridiculous little boy with a little dick.

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    If you are still a virgin she is wasting her time on you.

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    Undine spragg

    Well, obviously you can’t screw her with all those other people around. Have some class.

    Silly little boy, if you want her, ask her on a date and be a gentleman and court her and get to know her.,what, are you a neanderthal? You don’t know the concept of being a man, a gentleman, and courting a woman?

    Grow up

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    Unduly harsh criticism.

    In the Manosphere it is said that men will become gentlemen again when women become ladies again. All this talk of ‘courting’ makes me laugh as we are not living in a Jane Austin novel.

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    The onus is on women today to set a high moral example. They must show men clearly by their dress, demeanour, body language etc that they are ladies. There is an old rather harsh saying:”I treat a lady like a lady and a wh**e like a wh**e”.

    Can you really blame men for not being gentlemanly when they see women in nightclubs, discos etc. Drinking with both hands, Flirting shamelessly with every guy who comes near, wearing a prostitute’s uniform and looking 5 years older than their chronological age?
    All these things scream mental instability, not serious girlfriend material and definitely NOT mother material. I feel sorry for women they have been sold a bill of goods by feminism. They have been told to ape the manners and behaviours of the most contemptible and boorish men and it has costs them their dignity and their future happiness. It is very sad indeed.

    There are scientific papers that show that the more sexual partners a woman has the less she is able to successfully pair-bond. I have only skimmed the paper’s abstract so I am not able to give a fuller explanation of these papers. You can take my word for it or do a basic google search.

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    Sounds like James would very much like one of these women!

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    we ended up fukcing and we’re together now lmao

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    Sounds like James did Stephen.

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    Stephen, I am in academia so I would be genuinely interested in the scientific papers that you mention (honestly, I could use them in my own research). I did a quick google search but all I found was an article in huffpost that actually criticizes such data. Quote: “experts say that the conclusions drawn from it — especially those which cast judgement on one’s sexual history and incite sentiments of slut-shaming — may not be entirely accurate”. So could you provide references?

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    What a Catch…

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