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    i work in area with this man and he used to talk to me all friendly etc… no flirting or so on. then one evening at a works xmas party, he made a couple of flirty comments towards me and i was stumped to respond. not long after there was a flirty comment about him giving me his mobile telephone number and i got stumped again with a response (i am a very shy person). now since that day he totally blanks me,, doesnt say anything to me but now and again i catch him making looks at me, smiles and then looks away all shyly. yesterday i was stood as i am unwell and couldnt stop coughing and as he walked past me without even stopping or made eye contact, he made a comment saying its you coughing like a sealion. its not just the comment, its the whole manner of it, the tone of it and not even looked at me. i felt it was a mean remark. i am now confused or am i making more out of this than it actually is? im trying to ignore it but i have no one to talk too about this as where i work the gossip flies hot. Any advice or help please?

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