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    Well I know this guy from past 6 months, he is nice and sweet guy whenever we hangout we used to have a nice time together,we became quite close on emotion level with eachother.I really fall for him & he always used to give me mix signals that he might also has feelings for me.Fast forward I told him I Have feelings for him for which he hugs me and tell how grateful he was for my love and he knows how much I care for him, even he likes me ,but after some days his mood suddenly he stop contacting ignoring my text, having mood swings I know something is wrong so I have give him space finally after ignoring me 1 week he grow some balls and tell me He don’t want a realtionship right now, because he had a very bad breakup with his ex and he don’t want to get hurt again, but want to remain as friend because he don’t want to loose me as a friend. I respect his feelings and agree to that which is hard I thought I came out too strong and move too fast, I try to move on get busy with my life and we eventually stop contacting eachother. but 2 weeks ago he saw my Pic with a guy in FB and he start texting me out of blue like who is this guy, am I seeing anyone inquiring about me I kept the talk as short & friendly as possible ,few days ago I am on a date with a guy and he is also there in the same restaurants with friends, he came to talk to me asking me If I am on a date, hugging me saying I don’t miss him anyone he still miss me I don’t know what to say and he behaves very cold with my date, 6 days ago we meet at one of our friend’s house of party we both have mutual friends and I wear a little sexy dress and he look soo pissed when other guys compliments and eventually start fighting with me for wearing that dress and after that spamming my inbox with angry messages, I told him he has no right because he is not my bf and after that we don’t have any contact. I am confused Is he was jealous,feeling insecure or that He is not getting any attention from me. I mean he don’t want a realtionship with me then why he behaving like this or does he likes me because he always used to give me mixed signals, what do you guys think ?

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    Better off single

    He is playing games. Keep dating and find someone who is more emotionally mature.

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    yeah that’s what I am doing right now, moving on with my life enjoying my time and I even going out with a guy. What I don’t understand why is he coming back now, showing authority like I am his gf getting piss when other guys talking to me

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    He likes the thought of you waiting around for him but doesn’t want to be with you.

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    He just wants attention. He don’t want your heart. OP he just hates the thought of you with someone new.

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