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    I met a guy a few weeks ago on Tinder. He was really cool and very responsive and wanted to talk, text and FaceTime all the time. I like the attention he was giving me because it showed he was very interested in getting to know me. A week after meeting, I posted on IG stories my location where I was having dinner. He responded to my story telling me that i was in his area and what i was up to and if i wanted to meet up. I told him why not, and i would hit him up after i was done. We ended up meeting at around 10 pm. We sat a bar until like 1 am, we had really good conversation and he has a lot of the qualities I am looking for in someone and he told me that he is looking for a relationship.

    After the date, I only had one glass of wine and was not drunk but he offered for me to stay in his house for the night because he did not want me to drive home that late since i live an hour away i told him, i could be a murderer and you want to invite me to your house. he laughed and said he would take his chances.
    i laughed and said very sweet, but i’ll pass. We said our goodbyes and he stayed on the phone with me on my car until i got home. The following two days, we still spoke as before, texting all day, FaceTime at night etc.

    Slowly this communication died down and I barely hear from him. I haven’t heard from him in almost 2 weeks but he is still active on IG. And he just hit me up randomly yesterday. Conversation below

    him- how are you
    me-good, you?
    me-are you sure you’re good, you went MIA, thought something happened to you.
    him-my phone broke just got a new one, so when are we going out again?
    me-you tell me?
    him-whenever works for me
    Me – i didn’t reply to this message because “whenever” is not a day/time

    Next Day:
    him: no answer?
    me: no answer to what? you didn’t say a day and time
    him:whenever works for me, good morning
    me: morning
    him:how did you sleep
    me: good. you?
    him: good.
    me: never replied to that message.

    Honestly the stupidest conversation in my life. Such a difference from when i first met him, we spoke for hours and even on our date it was laughs and giggles the entire time. We got a long so well! So I’m not sure if i’m being dramatic or if him offering me to sleep over the first night and going ghost should have been a sign? My friend told me that he is showing interest and i should give him a 2nd chance, but i’m like, if he really wanted to hang out he would say like oh hey you available saturday at 8 etc. not “whenever works for me”. He has a full time job so obviously whenever is not possible.

    Should I kick him to the curb or give him a 2nd chance?


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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