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    So I’ve been talking to this guy for about a month now and we’ve hung out a total of 3 times. We live an hour away from each other so sometimes hanging out is kind of difficult. He’s come to hang out with me once. The second time we met up halfway. However, his car recently broke and he said he couldn’t come down to see me for a while so I drove to him. Every time after that, he’s asked me to come see him even though his car is fine now. To make this work, we both have to take turns going to each other because of the circumstances. Now he’s saying he can drive to me if I pay for the gas. I’m fine with paying it but I also don’t want to be used. What do you guys thinks? Is it reasonable he’s asking for me to pay for his gas?

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    This guy is a loser. Don’t pay for him. He should be paying for you.

    Date someone local.

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    the guy asking you to pay so he can come and see u? for just an hour’s journey? whats to even think about this? or are you guys still studying and money is a constraint?

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    This is ridiculous! Who does he think he is?

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    He wants you to pay his gas, is he going to pay for yours?

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    Is it like, you drive to him and he pays for everything else like dinner or outings? If y’all are students it makes it slightly understandable.

    I’m really frugal myself but asking someone to drive to me or pay for my gas if I drove is not great manners and quite cheap.

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    No No No & No

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    I’m laughing so hard, I’m peeing in my Depends!

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    Heck no and he’s devaluing you as you do this. Move on from him

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    Drop that loser and find a real man

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    Amy S

    Jesus are you serious ? Im mortified for him. Yikes.

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