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    Hello lovely people!
    Last year I met a guy and we hit it off immediately with flirting etc etc. But I think you recorgnize really fast if someone has serious intentions or not. So I upfront asked him and he didn’t had serious intentions, he wasn’t looking for a relationship. So I let it go. However somehow I regretted that a little because we had great chemistry and I wanted to have the experience to sleep with him. But whatever I let it go. Now months later he send me sexual stuff and told me what he remembers what we did and told me exactly what he wants me to do to him. Few days later we where both invited to a evening. We haven’t seen each other in months. I just asked if he has time afterwards, it was clear it was for a hook up. He said he has to work next day and needs to get up at night so he said but we can leave together and look for a quiet place. So then when the day was there he said from the beginning that he needs to sleep and stuff (not to me but the others) well I then kinda whispered to him he won’t get that mich sleep because I was confident it would happen between us because he said we leave together! But then all of a sudden he was like yeah let‘s see really need to sleep (at that point he only could get 4 hours of sleep) I was like come on ;) he then sounded harsh and said yeah you can go to work for me then!! I just said ok you have a big mouth over texts and not back it up in reality. He then just replied that delayed doesn’t mean cancelled. Well he didn’t told me he wanted to cancel? He let me sit there in the believe we will go together? I didn’t said something to that anymore and later he obviously just left. He didn’t asked if I am free another time or texted to say sorry he really needed to sleep or anything. I don’t have feelings for this guy but I was so angry.. because he just left me hanging? Why does he tell me he wants to have sex with me and stuff and then don’t even make the effort to tell me it‘s cancelled or just say hey when you are free another time?

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    Look why he did what he did are his shortcoming. But why do YOU come on to a guy offering him sex? You feel humiliated now, and it is understandable, but this is what happens when you run ahead of the carriage and offer yourself to men. He wanted a hookup with you, he said so via text, but you need to understand that he might have been texting half a dozen other girls this way. He could not have expected that you’d want to do it RIGHT THERE AND THEN. Who would? A little foreplay usually is in order no? LOL people flirt, go have coffee…

    You “hinted” at having sex with him, this was more than enough. You should have left it at that.

    Give it some time, he’d be back. Free room service is still in demand LOL But do not expect any chivalrous behaviour from him. I doubt there would be any courtship or anything remotely romantic.

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