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    I am very small sized woman and guys I have dated told me my private part. But then the guy I am currently seeing told me few times I have very small private part. However, later on he told me he has small private part. To me he is the perfect size but I have never mentioned this before. I just texted him saying I like sleeping with him because well I feel awkard to tell in person. I still do not understand why the guy who appeared to be so confident would mention his size is small. I said it several times no he does not have small one. Then I asked him unless he compared with others, he should believe my word. He did not seem to believe it so I just changed the subject. Isn’t size one of the biggest self confidence issues?

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    I have found that several men I dated made comments that they weren’t that large or they were average, etc. When they know good and well they are quite well endowed. I think they do it to sound modest and to get you to say things just like you did and give them compliments. What man doesn’t want to hear how big he is and how hot he gets you and how well he’s able to please you? If the comments are infrequent I would play them off and tell him how he’s perfect just the way he is and how much pleasure he gives you. If he is confident and he’s just looking for compliments or assurance he’s good in bed you’ll know. If he brings this up on a regular basis then he may actually have some insecurities and you have to decide at that point if you are going to be with a man who lacks confidence.

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