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    My boyfriend said I’m not love him. Because I don’t want to bring my friends for him. He said that if I love him so much, I will bring my friend for having sex with him. And we will enjoy spend our time together.

    But I don’t want to bring my friends. Why do I need to bring my friends to satisfy him sexual desires. I’m really upset when he making a request like this. It’s kind of insulting me.

    He said I’m not really loving him and not willing to sacrifice for him. I don’t really like to share and having a relationship with others women interference.

    I’m really feeling upset today 😭

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    Why do you call him your boyfriend?!

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    I gotta be honest, I wasn’t sure at first if you were serious with your questions? But in case you really do need someone to at least assure you of what I am sure you know: you and your “boyfriend” want different things. And he is manipulating you in order to get what he wants.
    He does not care how you feel about the situation (based on what you are saying). He does not care to hurt you. He does not care about you.
    He might be genuinely interested in a polyamorous relationship (though it sounds like he’s simply interested in sex with you and others). If he is, and you aren’t, I don’t see this going anywhere. But honestly, this is a very generous reading of the situation that I don’t believe it. To me it sounds like he’s a d**k looking for sexual gratification without any regard for what you want or feel.

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    I agree as well that it is manipulation.Tell him your friends don’t want him. And give it back to him. Tell him you want to see him with his guy friend. And if he loved you he would. You can’t always get what you want, and the fact that he is going to base love on if you’re willing to have a threesome is kinda like mind games. Good luck.

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    What the…Please walk from this disaster of a “boyfriend”!!!!

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