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    Being dating a guy for 6 weeks … when we first spoke he arranged a date pretty quickly a week in advance …2nd date onwards nightmare so last minute and i twice i feel like i prompted him however hes told me numerous times hes mega interested just very go with the flow … just didn’t seem go with the flow when we first arranged a date

    We haven’t slept together and he’s a lovely gentleman always very full on with messaging me for past 5 weeks but this week he reads my messages but replies the next day .. when he replies its chatty but comes late ..a few messages hes ignored .. was meant to see him on Thursday he cancelled and made no other arrangement i suggested weekend he ignored it

    So i thought yes defo slow fade but he comes back messaging long chatty messages about how busy he is and how we will date some point next week so I get confused

    I reply then long wait till next message so slow fade or is he just busy?

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    I dont really understand your whole post. Your second date was a nightmare? And he had to reassure you with words he is interested? Doesnt sound like a good fit to me. So Yeah i think he is doing the slow fade if he cancelled and ignored your message to see each other in the weekend

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    So he’s been really last minute with arranging things since the second date, and now he’s not chatting so much?

    It’s quite normal for the initial flurry of texting to settle down, but it sounds like you and this guy aren’t on the same page – mismatched expectations etc.

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    Sorry i meant he was a nightmare at arranging dates ..the actual dates are lovely once arranged

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    Really last minute apparently hes always busy always seems to be a disaster going on for him and never takes into account that I’m also busy…. I don’t know feels like dis interest but confused as to why he then sends long chatty messages

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    If you dont like something nobody forces you into this. He is not interested. We respond fast to people who are important for us

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    Anne Ohio

    Sounds like he is holding the cards and you have to wait around

    I would find someone more interested.

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    Dear No where,

    You need better boundaries in dating. He should have been cut off already.

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    When a guy is really into you, there is no confusion like this.

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    He is not ‘that busy’. We all make time for people we care about and interested in. Do not fall into denial. Just because he wrote a lengthy text saying sorry does not mean he is not pulling your leg.

    He is probably dating around and seeing other women and keeping you on the back burner via texting.

    With man, and with women too actually, simply follow normal rules of human social conduct. If someone takes time to reply to you and they are not a close friend who can be very comfortable with you, then you take a hint and treat them “in kind”. It does not mean you start deliberately or purposefully ignoring them. But you can start detaching yourself from them and focussing your interests elsewhere. LOL

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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