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    So I’m 17 and i live in the philippines. i met this korean guy on discord(he’s also 17 turning 18, he lives in america) and him and i get talking in secret after his friend invited me to a server, we did some phone sex and all that jazz. After a while we both started actually gaining feelings for each other(it had only been a few weeks). He tells me that he still talks to his ex and hasn’t completely gotten over her. I understood him and let it go even though i was a bit hurt ofcourse. A few more weeks after that he says that his ex wanted him back and i thought “hey i really like this guy i should fight for him without seeming desperate.” I tried to change his mind. He told me in all honesty that he loved me more than he does his ex and that i made him more happier(I’ve seen and heard how his ex treats him even when they werent in a relationship anymore), but he just can’t handle the time difference between the two of us since i was half way across the world. In a day he decided to come back to his ex. We still talk to each other but we decided to stop the romantic stuff as he is in a relationship. I really like this guy and I think he does like me too. Should I continue to change his mind to come back to me or should I just leave him be? How do I change his mind if ever?

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    Leave him alone.

    He went back to his ex. Maybe he will remember why they broke up in the first place and he will go crawling back to you right after it happens to pick up the pieces.

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    Honey, he’s half a world away…

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